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12 Year Old Omari McQueen Has Landed His Own Cooking Show On CBBC

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

12 year old Vegan Chef Omari McQueen has landed his very own cooking show on children's TV network CBBC

Omari began learning how to cook at age 7 alongside his older brother Laquarn (who is set to join Omari on the very first episode of his cooking show) as a result of his mother suffering with hemiplegic migraines and no longer being able to cook dinners for their family. Since then Omari has gone from strength to strength as a Chef as well as proving himself to be quite the entrepreneur, launching his own line of Vegan dips and snacks and even opening a temporary restaurant at Boxpark Croydon before reaching the age of 12.

McQueen's success now continues as he is lined up to star in his very own cooking show on CBBC.

His brand new Vegan cooking show entitled 'What's Cooking Omari?' is aimed at kids aged 7-16 and will feature simple and healthy recipes that children can make themselves at home. The show will air every Sunday at 9:30 in the morning and will aim to inspire a generation of children to get cooking and hopefully eat more plant-based meals.

Omari supposedly began his journey with Veganism after watching a video from animal rights organisation PETA which influenced him to stop eating animal products. In a mini-documentary the child chef spoke about his hopes to educate other kids his age about where their food comes from. He said “I don’t want animals to die or be eaten so I teach people my age to be vegan.”

You can catch 'What's Cooking Omari?' every Sunday at 9:30AM on CBBC.

Missed the first episode? Watch it back on BBC iPlayer by clicking here!

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