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A Catch Up With DJ Struds - His Experience Being A Presenter At Croydon FM For The Past 2 Years

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

DJ Struds is the latest member of the team to receive a CFM award for 2 years of service and dedication so it was only right I caught up with him to talk the last 2 years at the station.

What made you join Croydon FM?

"I had always wanted to play on a radio station ever since I was a kid when I would try to emulate various DJ’s using an old tape recorder (The older listeners will know) to learning how to mix. I was made aware of Croydon FM by a good friend and wanted to represent the place I call home."

Has being on Croydon FM opened any doors or allowed you to connect with people you wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the station?

"It certainly has, from the colleagues at CFM to the like minded DJ’s/Producers that I converse with via the many media outlets we have regarding UK Garage.

This year I also made my debut DJing in a club alongside some legendary names whose music I used to buy and go to events to see. (Shabz - thanks for all the advice ) "

How does it feel to be one of the first CFM Presenters to receive a Croydon FM Award for reaching 2 years of service?

"In one word great! if you had of asked me 3 years ago that I would be on a radio station with my own show I would have laughed. But having been here for two years has been an absolute honour and a pleasure.

To get recognition for something that you enjoy doing there really isn’t many better moments than that."

How has your show evolved over the last 2 years?

"Well it’s the first time I have ever had a show so the improvement from being too shy to talk on the mic at first, to probably not wanting to stop is an improvement, I think hahaha. Also being sent music to play by the many DJ’s/Producers I have connected with over the two years has helped evolve the show."

What's your favourite thing about Croydon FM?

"Hearing what Marty (DJ MC) is going to say on air about me when I walk in the studio every Saturday lol. It’s being part of a station with so many amazingly talented DJ’s/Presenters that make up the CFM family.

Also being able to work on Croydon FM’s Youth Project sharing my knowledge and experience with the next generation of local talent."

What's the biggest difference you’ve noticed about the station since joining two years ago?

"Well there’s been a fair bit of building work done, technology upgraded and the FM licence gained by the hard work of the CFM management behind the scenes.

The community has become a lot more aware of the stations presence from the various events CFM has represented and The Youth Project, to the ever expanding live schedule. There has been a lot of changes and Croydon FM is still in its infancy. I can’t wait to see the developments over the next two years."

Congratulations DJ Struds!

Tune in to DJ Strudz live every Saturday between 6 and 8 pm (GMT) for the one and only Pirate State of Mind where he'll be playing the best in New UK Garage and Bassline.


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