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Adam Deacon: Back & Better

It is official! Adam Deacon is back to filmmaking with ‘Sumotherhood’ - a sequel to the 2011 film ‘Anuvahood’

He is joined by fellow colleague and comedian, Jazzie Zonzolo as well as writer and actor, Michael Vu. BIFA nominated producer Finn Bruce leads under Deacons production company Deaconstructed and A Piece of Pie Productions.

It’s no surprise that Deacon has been making headlines recently. Though everyone is excited to see what Sumotherhood has in store for Deacon and those involved, Deacon's victory comes after a lengthy hiatus. Years off were taken to improve his mental state, so he could readily return to reality with a clear and concise plan for moving forward.

In the years since his debut with ‘Kidulthood' in 2006, Deacon has collaborated on various projects with Noel Clarke, including Adulthood. During this time, Deacon had several allegations against Noel, alleging that he had impeded his career's growth.

Deacon consistently made his views on Clarke public via several posts about him, as well as directly sending Clarke abusive messages. This led to Deacon being issued with a restraining order against Clarke in 2015. This was the year where Adam Deacon was sectioned under the Mental Health Act following a number of explosive episodes.

Deacon had a difficult time coming to terms with his peers and fans not necessarily believing his claims. Many individuals, including those close to the actor, continued to gravitate towards Clarke. They were under the belief that Deacons' deteriorating mental condition was to blame for his outlandish and questionable statements.

This year, however, we saw a shift in the public's attitude toward Deacon as a result of sexual harassment and bullying allegations emerging against Noel Clarke. All claims against Clarke are categorically denied by him. Deacon has stated that he stands by all of the victims, but wishes that more people had believed in his statements earlier.

Moving forward on a more positive note, Deacons has revealed that he is undergoing training to become a mental health support worker at the hospital he was previously sectioned in. It just goes to show that after all of the years he spent healing and overcoming his obstacles, he now wants to help others in his situation who are trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

His new production will be the first British urban action-comedy, so I’m sure everyone will have their eyes peeled. It will be amazing to have something shown in film that can lift the mood up of the public, especially after the year that we have all had due to Coronavirus.

It's wonderful to have Adam Deacon back, and we wish him continued success in his film career.

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