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AJ Tracey Surprises Fans By Dropping His Highly-Anticipated Project 'Secure The Bag! 2'

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Rap star AJ Tracey has surprised fans by dropping the highly-anticipated sequel to 2017's 'Secure The Bag'

Cover art for 'Secure The Bag! 2'
Cover art for 'Secure The Bag! 2'

AJ Tracey released his breakthrough EP 'Secure The Bag!' back in 2017 and now three years on he has returned to bring fans a sequel to his hit project, simply calling it 'Secure The Bag! 2'. His latest project pays homage to the early days in his career and acts as a reminder to his long standing fans just why they fell in love with the West London bred rapper those years ago.

Tracey first shared the track list to his new project last month but remained quiet regarding the official release date. However, he surprised fans last night by hosting a livestream on Twitch which saw him announce the release just hours before it came out.

Track list for 'Secure The Bag! 2'
Track list for 'Secure The Bag! 2'

The nine track project showcases AJ's versatility superbly, successfully fusing the fast-paced grime influenced rap style he was known for in his early days with a more melodic sound which he developed in recent years. The rapper has also proven that he is multi-talented, demonstrating that he can not only perform on his tracks but produce them too as seen on 'Blow My Phone' and 'LA4AWEEK2.'

The EP features the likes of slowthai, Swoosh God and Sloan Evans although unlike many others Tracey hasn't relied on his features in order to make the project a success. Instead, the artists appearances on the tracks simply enhance AJ's performance as opposed to stealing the spotlight and overpowering AJ Tracey himself.

Cover art for 2017's 'Secure The Bag!'
Cover art for 2017's 'Secure The Bag!'

Soon after the release AJ took to twitter to explain to fans that "it's just a tape! for the original aj fans. tracks from different studios recorded in different years." He then went on to say "if you dont like it? no worries... if you love it? great. not for charts or numbers. just for you lot".

However, judging from the success of the first edition of 'Secure The Bag' and the countless bangers within this project we would be surprised if it wasn't a chart topper!

You can listen to 'Secure The Bag! 2' by clicking here.


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