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Alfa Mist - A clear sight beyond the fog

When it comes to Alfa Mist, there's no such thing as being caged in and sticking to one thing. He's a producer, songwriter, musician, amongst many other things.

Growing up, he had always had a passion for music. So much so, that he began writing music at the age of 15. He became obsessed with sounds from all over the world and began producing as a result. His interest in sampling music grew, and eventually stumbled across the jazz genre. It was from this point in his life that Alfa taught himself to play the piano subsequently after observing his music teacher perform Ordinary People by John Legend.

Surprisingly, music was not his first choice for a career. He aspired to play professional football, but he heeded his mother's advice to finish college first. He earned three A-levels and a BTEC programme in music composition at Newham sixth form college.

Breaking into the music business, he published a project named "Nocturne" in 2015, which translates to "A work of art dealing with evening, or night specifically" - He states that the EP was primarily recorded at night. “Primarily focused on things that individuals are most concerned about before they go to sleep, difficulties you have, things you are grateful for, or things you are unclear about - I tried to bring them all out.”

He made it very apparent what lane he was travelling in with this first EP. The new trend of jazz/hip hop was being pushed to the forefront with collaborative features like Tom Misch and Jordan Rakei.

Alfa Mist really showed up and showed out with his album ‘Antiphon' a few years later in 2017. For me, this was his true breakthrough. He released Antiphon, a timeless and iconic project. A jazz album published in today's times is something we don't frequently hear about, especially from the UK - current jazz was a clear theme here, with hip hop and soul fusions thrown in for good measure.

2021 arrives and Alfa Mist has 3 albums under his belt. He is a man that can not be tamed musically, and that is very admirable. He continues to pleasantly surprise us with his beautiful pianist skills and a voice that I never want to ends. I can only wait patiently and see what he has in store for the years to come.

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