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Amelia Dimoldenberg - From Chicken shop seats to the London streets

It's always motivating to see content creators push themselves to new limits, and Amelia Dimoldenberg, Presenter of Chicken Shop Date, is doing just that.

As she veers away from her normal quirky and hilarious self, she dives into investigative Journalism, starting a new six-part series called "Who Cares?" on Dave's YouTube channel.

Amelia will pose a variety of questions to the general audience throughout the series, whether they are political or social in nature.

In the most recent episode, Amelia goes out onto the streets to get people's opinions on the housing issue in the United Kingdom. The episode isn't just a series of questions and answers; it's also incredibly educational, allowing viewers who may not have any prior knowledge of property acquisition to further their understanding.

Seeing productions like this can also inspire the younger generation to learn more about the important aspects of life that educational institutions may have overlooked.

There was a general consensus by those interviewed in the episode that renting prices are far too high, in comparison to the quality of the homes on the market - An issue that many face whilst trying to get themselves on the property ladder. People are suddenly feeling compelled to pay big sums of money that they do not necessarily have, but are not receiving what they paid for. It’s one of Britain’s unfair truths about property.

However, with people like Amelia, there is optimism that if these projects are televised and disseminated on major platforms, it will inspire others to think more thoroughly about how we could go about making a change.

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