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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

A list of emerging artists and producers that you need to keep an eye out for in 2021, as recommended by the CFM family!

Below you'll find CFM's official top 15 emerging Artists and Producers to look out for in 2021. Just like our shows here on CFM this list caters for a wealth of different genres, from Drum and Bass, Hip Hop House, to Rap, Afrobeats and R&B, you're guaranteed to find at least one new Artist to add to your playlist - no matter what your music taste!

London YG

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Instagram: @londonyg_

"London YG has a unique sound and most importantly crazy lyrical ability. On any feature I am sure he will outbar and outwork his peers. I honestly haven’t heard anyone that sounds like him ever. From the instrumentals he uses to the phrasing of his lyrics. I feel 2021 is his year, making him my one to watch." - Dris

(Recommended by Dris, Host of 'Everybody Hates Dris', Tuesdays 4-6PM)

Bad Gyal Jade

Genre: Dancehall/Reggae

Instagram: @badgyaljadeofficial

"Bad Gyal Jade (The Female Kartel) is definitely the Reggae Dancehall artist who you must watch out for in 2021. The Jamaica based Dancehall artist has gathered a lot of pace over the last couple of years, hitting the Reggae industry hard with a barrage of hit songs like 'First Time', 'Hide & Dweet', 'Independent', 'Other Side', 'Freestyle Pro (Don't Rush Remix) and a vocal song in which the artist confirmed her versatility, rich in love. Her latest release, 'MoneyGram' is set to do big things in 2021. Her style, melodic voice and the way she fuses her lyrics together makes her stand out and proves that she's a force to be reckoned with." - Militant Tee

(Recommended by Militant Tee, Host of 'Friday Night Boomblast', Fridays 8-10PM)

Lukas Setto

Genre: R&B/Soul

Instagram: @lukas_setto

"My artist recommendation is Lukas Setto. He's home grown from the UK. And I love him. He's young, fresh and brings a new sound to the table. Reminds me a bit of damage when they first came out. A key track of his you should definitely listen to is 'Do It Again' where he samples Omar's 'There's Nothing Like This.' It's sexy but tasteful." - DJ Trophie

(Recommended by DJ Trophie, Host of 'Rhythm N Soul', Sundays 3-5PM)

Wired Faulty

Genre: Multi-Genre

Instagram: @wiredfaulty

"Some of the unreleased production I've heard from him is amazing. You've got up tempo sounds and some dark and funky bassline's, the range goes far and wide. There's a blend of old school refixes and new material which i can safely say, is absolute fire. An honourable mention and one of my personal favourites of his is called 'Flo Vox' which blends floetry's vocals over his own production, just works so well. I would definitely not sleep on the production coming, the scene is in good hands!" - Just Chillz

(Recommended by Just Chillz, Host of 'Tribal Affair', Saturdays 12-2PM)


Genre: R&B/Soul

Instagram: @sipprellmusic

"Her music is amazing and I’ve been following her journey for a while. The way she writes is really relatable and honest, her music touches on subjects such as heartbreak, loss, growth, self love. Her voice is just like honey, it’s so smooth and easy to listen to! She’s got a lot of new music coming out so I think 2021 is going to be a big year for her." - Phoebe Aurelia

(Recommended by Phoebe Aurelia, Host of 'The Lovely Natured Show', Sundays 11-1PM)

Boy Nash

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Instagram: @boynash

"Boy Nash is the TRUTH! His lyricism is like no other and his words are so powerful. Listening to his music always puts me in a reflective yet empowered headspace. His intelligence and wisdom seeps through his music. I've seen him live and the knowledge he was dropping just off of the dome was crazy!" - Sáshi

(Recommended by 'Sáshi', Host of 'Hidden Snds', Thursdays 5-7PM)


Genre: House

Instagram: @lewisacton_

"Despite the lockdown, Act On managed to release some quality tracks over 2020. His style of flipping vocal samples over deep energetic grooves brings a whole vibe that you can't help but move to. I can definitely see more quality music coming from him this year." - Daddy Cranx

(Recommended by 'Daddy Cranx', Host of 'Man Of The House', Thursdays 7-9PM)

Jaz Karis

Genre: R&B/Soul

Instagram: @jaz_karis

"Jaz Karis is a young South londoner with an old soothing jazz tone to her vocals - she hails from South London and also attended the Brit school. Think she's destined for big things after the 2020 release of her recent EP "All eyes on you" featuring the notable track "Let me down". There's definitely something different about her which is evident by the popularity of her 2018 COLORS video which reached two million views in two months. Look forward to seeing where she's going to go next, especially with the backing of significant producers like Juls behind her." - Bambi

(Recommended by 'Bambi', Host of 'Bambi On Air', Mondays 1-3PM)


Genre: Garage

Instagram: @brock_ing_ton

"An Exciting talent on the horizon is local artist and DJ - Brockington who has been learning to produce for quite some years and now the fruits of his labour are starting to pay off. His 2020 released debut track I'm your woman on Captum Records is just the start of great things to come in 2021 and beyond." - DJ Strudz

(Recommended by 'DJ Strudz', Host of 'Pirate State Of Mind', Saturdays 6-8PM)


Genre: Rap/Drill

Instagram: @activegxng

"I’ve picked activegxng because each member of the group can arguably hold their own individually but bring their unique style to each track. They are consistent in terms of output and quality but have had multiple videos unfairly taken down over the past year which has damaged their momentum. Because of this, I want to highlight them so they can get the attention and respect they deserve." - Nammy Wams

(Recommended by 'Nammy Wams', Host of 'The Nammy Wams Show', Tuesdays 8-10PM)


Genre: R&B/Soul

Instagram: @byjavan

"It's no doubt that Javán is one to watch in 2021. The Croydon bred artist stands out amongst the crowd for his smooth melodies and his unique ability to fuse R&B with Hip-Hop. Particularly following the recent success of his track 'Again' with Yung Filly, which topped iTunes charts and gained recognition from some of the big players in the industry, it's no surprise that I've predicted that he will go from strength to strength this coming year." - Becky

(Recommended by 'Becky', Host of 'Supercharged Saturdays', Saturdays 2-4PM)

Richard Carter

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Instagram: @justrichardcarter

"I picked Richard because he’s super positive in his outlook on music and is really talented. He mixes, masters and produces all his own music and brings a unique energy to every tune. He’s driven to do well in music, happy to put in the work and I know he has big plans for 2021." - Harry

(Recommended by 'Harry', Host of 'Lunch With ManLykeMe', Tuesdays 12-2PM)


Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Instagram: @kambolife

"Kambo started exploring rap at 17 now aged 24 he finally found his feet and is keen to take over the scene. He’s had 2 singles out Mercedes that released on GRM and his latest track East on Link Up TV, his next single is ready to go and Kambo is saying it’s his best one yet!" - RJ

(Recommended by 'RJ', Host of 'Asian Beats', Wednesdays 12-2PM)

Tommie Goldie

Genre: Afrobeats

Instagram: @tommiegoldie_bbg

(Recommended by 'DJ Roundz', Host of 'The Afrowave Show', Wednesdays 4-6PM)

Conrad Subs

Genre: Drum and Bass

Instagram: @conrad_subs

"He is one of my favourite artists at the moment because, the sheer variety of expression through many different styles of jungle and drum and bass. No track sounds the same but with his unique sound design bringing a personal aspect to all his tune. A definite one to watch from me. Most recently dropping the EP ‘Glory’ with some very big tracks bringing us jungle flavours, compiled with heavy and dark tech stepper bangers. This is an EP for all your drum and bass needs or even if you like to appreciate clean mixes and talented sound design check this one out." - WILLO1

(Recommended by 'WILLO1', Host of 'Breakbeat', Thursdays 3-5PM)

Well there you have it, CFM's complete list of Artists and Producers to look out for in 2021. Be sure to tune in to our live shows to catch some of the aforementioned artists played by your favourite Presenters!

Who are you keeping an eye out for in 2021? Do you have an emerging talent in mind that you think should have made this list? Let us know, simply drop us an email at contact@croydonfm and tell us what you think.

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