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A New Series Based On DJ Target's Book ‘Grime Kids’ Has Officially Been Commissioned By BBC Three

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

A brand new drama series based on DJ Target's book ‘Grime Kids’ has officially been commissioned by BBC Three and is set to hit our screens next year.

Yesterday DJ Target announced the exciting news that his book 'Grime Kids' will be made into an original drama series on BBC Three.

Target published his book 'Grime Kids' back in 2018 hoping to give an accurate, inside account of the history of Grime and where it evolved from. As Target set out to do, the book gives an in-depth insight into the world of Grime and provides an insider perspective of how Grime music and culture has grown and evolved over the years. In the words of DJ Target himself, his book documents the "inception, birth and growth of Grime music from the very beginning."

It's been announced the BBC Three series, which will also be under the name ‘Grime Kids’, will be hitting our screens some time in 2022. However, a specific release date for the series is yet to be revealed.

Speaking on the new series, DJ Target said “I’m beyond excited for this story to be brought to life on screen. It’s a real testament to how far UK music has come over the years, which is something that needs to be celebrated. Working with Theresa Ikoko and the mighty Mammoth Screen is a real honour, and I can’t wait for everybody to see this.” In a post shared to his Instagram announcing the big news, he also said "I wrote this book to celebrate and document the journey of UK music over the last 20 plus years. I’ve been lucky enough to be there first hand to witness the growth and evolution since I first heard Jungle as a school kid, then Garage, Grime, all the way to the present day.” - (Full post below).

The drama is written by the talented Theresa Ikoko, who has said she's "really excited to be part of bringing this show to life. I hope it celebrates and cements the contribution of young people across the country to British history, art and culture.”

Filming for the series however has yet to commence, with Target himself encouraging his followers to keep their eye out for casting calls. Although, the BBC have shared what we can expect from the series, writing “Grime Kids charts the rise of a fictional group of young adults growing up in the late 90s, dreaming of being able to make their voice heard through grime music. Set against a backdrop of real events and cultural moments, Grime Kids reveals how grime, born from within British housing estates, took over the world."

Grime continues to hold great significance and still exerts huge amounts of influence amongst British music culture, so it only feels right that a series is set to be released that will tell the story of Grime and it's evolution for a wider modern audience to see.

Are you excited to watch ‘Grime Kids’ the series? Are you already a fan of the book? As always we want to know what you have to say so don’t hesitate to get in touch and share your thoughts.

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