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Berna's Back!

I’m sure it goes without saying that Berna’s flow is nothing short of cold. As usual, his wordplay and penmanship never fails him. He spits very clear, jumpy bars over an uptempo beat, flowing with no errors, this tune is definitely one for everyone!

Returning back from a short hiatus, he still continues to ride the successful waves he brought to the scene with his 2020 EP Poor Little Rich Kid, which earned him a substantial amount of streaming figures and respect.

The East London rapper is back with a ‘summer’ banger - (I say that very lightly because it hasn’t been much of a summer for us in the UK has it!) ‘Da Pattern’ just further proves why Berna is still on everyones radar as one to watch.

The visuals, shot by the one and only Kaylum Dennis, perfectly conveyed Berna's mood. Berna and friends are seen going about on scooters, there are water cannons, pool shots, and more. After a year of being confined and indoors, the raucous sights make everyone want to get outside!

Hopefully we get a bit more from Berna before the year comes to a close, I’m sure a lot of people are wondering what other tricks he has up his sleeve!

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