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Black Panther Star Chadwick Boseman Passes Away At Age 43 After A Four-Year Battle With Colon Cancer

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

The much loved actor passed away with his Wife and other family members by his side in his Los Angeles home on Friday.

His family confirmed his passing on Twitter and revealed he had in fact been diagnosed with stage 3 Colon cancer back it in 2016 but made the decision to not talk about it publicly.

They also disclosed he had filmed many of his recent movies whilst undergoing "countless surgeries", describing him as "a true fighter."

The final Tweet shared to Boseman's account announcing his death has since become the most liked tweet in twitter history, surpassing previous record-holder Barrack Obama's tweet from 2017 where he shared the Nelson Mandela quote "No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion.”

Former US President Obama was also one amongst many celebs to pay tribute to the beloved movie star, he wrote "Chadwick came to the White House to work with kids when he was playing Jackie Robinson. You could tell right away that he was blessed. To be young, gifted, and Black; to use that power to give them heroes to look up to; to do it all while in pain - what a use of his years." Fellow Marvel stars also payed tribute, including Mark Ruffalo (who plays Hulk) and Tom Holland (who currently plays Spiderman). Ruffalo said the "tragedies amassing this year have only been made more profound" by his death, while Holland commented on how Boseman is a true role model for millions around the world.

Boseman began his acting career in a series of Television roles but slowly rose to fame after portraying real-life figures such as Baseball great Jackie Robinson and the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. However, his performance as superhero Black Panther in the film of the same name is what he is most famously known for.

Black Panther was a box office hit and became the first superhero film to get a nomination for best picture at the Oscars. The film was widely considered to be cultural milestone for the black community due to the fact it consisted of a largely Black cast as well as having a black director and in the words of Chadwick Boseman himself the film had changed what it means to be "young, gifted and Black."

It's safe to say Boseman was an inspiration to many, particularly young black men and women, making what is already a tragic death even more potent. Our thoughts are with his friends and family during this time and we hope for his legacy to live on.

Rest In Peace Chadwick Boseman


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