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Bobby Shmurda Has Been Released From Prison After Six Years

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

After six years imprisonment New York Rap sensation Bobby Shmurda has been released.

Shmurda was released from New York State prison yesterday morning after serving six years in prison for weapons and conspiracy charges. When the Rapper was arrested alongside a dozen other members of his entourage back in 2014, it sparked huge amounts of controversy and since then the 'Free Bobby Shmurda' movement has been in full force, attempting to appeal his sentence and plead for an early release. Meaning, the news of his early release has come as good news to many, with family, friends and fans alike celebrating his return home.

Fellow US Rapper Quavo, member of popular Hip-Hop group Migos, picked up Bobby from the detention facility, welcoming him home with open arms and ensuring he travelled back in style as the pair jetted off in a luxury private plane. In a video shared to Quavo's Instagram which showed the pair leaving the private jet, surrounded by a camera crew, he captioned in "Did Six And Didn’t Switch Welcome Home!" (See full post below)

Hip-Hop fans may remember that Migos were rumoured to be collaborating on an album with Bobby prior to his imprisonment, followed up by Quavo teasing the public once again in 2019 that a project featuring Shmurda and the group could be coming soon. In a tweet written by Quavo on the 27th December 2019 he said "Jus Talked Bobby Shmurda Lil Bro In Great Spirits Bout To Touch Turf Soon!!! SHMIGO ALERT 2020!!!" which leads us to believe that now he's home we could soon be getting the collaboration we've all been waiting on for.

When Bobby was jailed back in 2014 he was excelling in his music career and had recently signed a seven-figure multi-album deal with Epic Records following on from the global success of his hit single 'Hot N***a.' So it's no surprise fans are eager to hear what's in store for the Brooklyn bred rapper now that is back home. According to TMZ the stars mother, Leslie Pollard, stated that he will be dedicating"most if not all of his time to creating music again" much to fans delight. However, it was also reported that before he heads to the studio he understandably wants to take some time to be with his family and friends.

Shortly before his release the 26 year old Rapper also took to Instagram to thank his loyal group of fans - sharing his love and appreciation for their support, he wrote "Thank you for remaining loyal and for riding this six year sentence out with me. I love you all and look forward to seeing you soon."

Welcome home Bobby Shmurda!

Who else is excited to hear what music he has in store upon his return?


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