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Brand New Grime Movie 'Against All Odds' Set To Be Released This November

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Brand new movie 'Against All Odds' is set to air this November in collaboration with Link Up TV to resurrect the legendary Grime satellite TV Channel, Channel U.

Directed by British Actors and Grime pioneers Femi Oyeniran and Nicky “Slimting” Walker, 'Against All Odds' has been labelled as a celebration of Grime and is set to "pay homage to [Grime's] musical heritage" and "shine a nostalgic light on the generation defining genre."

The film follows the story of MC Active, an Artist trying to make it in the emerging UK Grime scene in the early 2000's. The film documents the struggles MC Active has to face as a young aspiring Musician trying to break into the grime scene, showing his attempts to balance school life and the ongoing complications of his neighbourhood with his career.

The film itself is set within some of the most iconic moments in Grime history and features a star studded cast of musicians who "laid the foundations of the scene and escalated its progression from a largely underground phenomenon to its current status." Some of those names include the likes of D Double E, Ghetts, Jammer, Diesel, Maxwell D, Ozzie B and Bruza, to Grime Gran and many more, who will all feature in the movie as themselves as opposed to playing a character.

A soundtrack EP is also set to be released alongside the movie on November 13th, featuring music from D Double E, Sir Spyro, Jammer, and Flowdan. However, the good news doesn't stop here as it has also been announced that the EP will include a remix of the legendary Grime hit “Serious," with brand new features from Capo Lee, Novelist, So Large, Bruza, and Tempa T.

The project will also see the return of the iconic satellite TV channel, Channel U. The influential underground station stopped broadcasting in June 2018 after 15 years on the air and fans are eager to see it back on the UK airwaves once again for a one night only special. Viewers can look forward to the watching the full premier of 'Against All Odds' on the channel next month as well as enjoying a trip down memory lane as a selection of old school Grime videos and classics like the Ace & Vis Show and Asqueezy’s Chart Show are also set to air.

You can watch the 'Against All Odds' trailer by clicking here!

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