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Chip Sends Shots At Stormzy Once Again With His New Diss Track '10 Commandments'

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

UK Rap sensations Chip and Stormzy reignite their feud as Chip releases a brand new diss track entitled '10 Commandments'

The feud between the two Rap heavyweights erupted last year supposedly as a result of Stormzy turning up at Chip's apartment with a group of friends with the intent to start a fight. Since then we have witnessed an ongoing dispute between the two with the latest instalment of their beef occurring earlier this week.

Chip released the track '10 Commandments' on Friday, just hours after Ghetts released a new song named 'Skengman' featuring Stormzy which included Stormzy (allegedly) making subtle digs at Chip when it came to his verse. Many fans questioning whether Ghetts wanted a slice of the feud. However, Ghetts soon shut down the rumours when he took to Instagram Live to confirm he has no involvement in the situation.

You can listen to 'Skengman' above!

Since then Chip has hit back with full force, taking a bold and upfront approach in regards to expressing his feelings about Stormzy. The track features lyrics such as “One minute it’s ‘F*ck the government, f*ck Boris’ / Next minute you’re tellin’ people ‘vote'” referencing Stormzy's hit song 'Vossi Bop' and making remarks about him being a “fake-arse activist," something he has already pointed out in the past.

You can listen to '10 Commandments' above!

Although, the big question on everyone's lips is will Stormzy respond? '10 Commandments' is the fourth diss track Chip has directed to Stormzy to date but on more than one occasion Stormzy has ignored Chip's sends begging the question will we see a diss track from Stormzy in the near future?

It's safe to say this doesn't mark the end of the feud between the two Rappers and we can expect to see more shots fired over the coming weeks judging from how things have unfolded in the past.

Get involved! Let us know your thoughts on the drama so far. Will Stormzy respond? Who is winning the battle so far?

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