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Council Leader Hamida Ali Has Confirmed A Croydon Elected Mayor Referendum Will Be Held This Autumn

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Croydon Council leader Hamida Ali has announced that the labour leadership will be making a U-turn over their previous decision of not having a referendum for a directly-elected mayor and has confirmed that plans for one to take place this Autumn are underway.

The decision regarding the referendum is set to be debated in the councillors next meeting on the 25th January and provided it all goes to plan the referendum will consequently be held this Autumn.

In the proposed referendum Croydon residents will be given two options to decide from on the ballot paper. One of the options will be a directly elected mayor. However, it is still undecided as to what the second option members of the public will be able to choose from will be. Currently, it is said to be between keeping the current Leader and Cabinet model or instead returning to the governance model previously used before 2002, the committee system.

The council will decide what the second governance option on the ballot paper will be over the coming months although they have expressed their interest in gaging the publics opinion on the matter and what they would like to see the second option be on the ballot paper.

Cheryl Fergus-Ferrell, host of 'Croydon Connects'

Speaking about the plans to hold a referendum, Cllr. Hamida Ali said “Croydon Council is under new leadership, and we know that many residents want to see this debate and choose the governance model that will shape how the council is governed in the future. “Holding the referendum in October means there will be plenty of time for local people to consider the issues involved and weigh up the merits of the different options.”

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