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Croydon's Very Own Donna Fraser Has Officially Been Awarded An OBE

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

"Inspirational Croydonian" Donna Fraser has officially been awarded an OBE for her services to equality, inclusion and diversity in the workplace for UK Athletics.

Former British Sprinter and four-time Olympian Donna Fraser was recently awarded an OBE as part of the New Year Honours (2021) list for her hard work and dedication to bettering equality, inclusion and diversity in the workplace for UK Athletics.

The Thornton Heath born Athlete is known for predominately competing in 200 and 400 metre races and finishing fourth in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. However, many may not be as aware of her inspiring work in trying to achieve equality, inclusion and diversity within the sporting field. Some of her work includes being a key figure within the 'Let’s Talk About Race’ programme, a scheme which launched last summer which sets out to tackle issues regrading racial inequality within British Athletics.

Not to mention her role as Equality, Diversity & Engagement Lead for UK Athletics and being Vice Chair of the British Athletics commission.

In her own words, Donna says that after dedicating over two decades to her sport whilst still pursuing a corporate career she now wants to use the skills she has learnt over the years to "give something back to communities, my sport and those who want to achieve great things in life by inspiring and sharing my knowledge and experience I gained in the world of sport and business."

Cheryl Fergus-Ferrell host of 'Croydon Connects'

Fraser is a shining example of someone who has overcome adversity and gone on to achieve greatness. After a Breast Cancer diagnosis in 2009 Donna was forced to retire. Although, that same year she undertook a mastectomy and with the London 2012 Olympics looming she went on to achieve the qualifying time to compete at the Olympic trials and made her return to the track. And she is now an ambassador for charity 'Breast Cancer Now', the UK's largest breast cancer charity who's official 'Action Plan' is "by 2050, everyone who develops Breast Cancer will live".

Donna is the perfect role model for young, aspiring athletes, especially those growing up in Croydon, with Fraser herself starting off at Croydon Harriers Athletics Academy. Fraser is also a great example for us all following her efforts to give back to communities and use the knowledge and skillset developed to guide and encourage others to go on to great things.

Listen back to 'Croydon Connects' with Cheryl Fergus-Ferrell via the player below

Huge congratulations to Donna Fraser on her well deserved OBE!


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