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Croydon's Nabil Abdulrashid voted through to the Britains Got Talent final

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Nabil Abdulrashid was voted through to the Britains Got Talent final on Saturday after a hilarious but controversial performance.

The Britains Got Talent judges selected another finalist on Saturday nights show, choosing to send through comedian Nabil Adulrashid. Nabil wowed the judges in his first audition, managing to bag Alesha Dixons golden buzzer, so the south Londoner had a lot to live up to.

Nabil's semi-final performance 'pushed boundaries' and mainly featured jokes about race and religion that had the judges in hysterics resulting in them voting him through to the final. However, it seems some members of the public didn't have the same reaction to his performance, labelling it inappropriate and offensive.

Nabil has since addressed all the hate on his social media, revealing that people had been sending him a string of abuse and even death threats after the show aired on Saturday. He wrote 'Funny how I made fun of lefties too but so far it's not them wishing death on me or sending me abuse.. hmmm who were the snowflakes again?' Nabil also joked that he would promise "to do no jokes about racism or Islamophobia in my final if I experience no racism or Islamophobia between now and then."

Nabil's performance came just weeks after Diversity's Black Lives Matter inspired performance on the show which also sparked a wealth of Ofcom complaints, making Britains Got Talent one of the most complained about TV shows of the decade, with viewers also filing complaints about judge Amanda Holden for her dresses supposedly being too revealing for family TV.

However, it seems Nabil has managed to make light of the situation and use all the negative comments as motivation. In another tweet he wrote "They want to complain? Ok, I’ll give them something to complain about.. TUNE IN ON SATURDAY."

Will you be tuning in on Saturday to catch Nabil's performance in the BGT finals? I know we will be supporting our fellow Croydonian all the way!

You can watch Nabil's semi-final performance by clicking here.

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