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David Beckham To Present A Brand New Football Series On Disney Plus

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

David Beckham has announced he will be starring in a brand new football series on Disney Plus entitled 'Save Our Squad.'

In the brand new series coming soon to Disney Plus, sporting legend David Beckham will return to the East London pitches he played on as a child to help train a group of young, aspiring Footballers.

Beckham will act as a mentor to a young grassroots team who are struggling to survive in the league, hoping to inspire and encourage the young talent and help each of them to progress with their sporting careers.

Disney says the series will show the players, their coach and their local community embark on "an uplifting, transformative journey of a lifetime." Disney commissioner Sean Doyle also added that "This is a fantastic opportunity to show the importance and impact of grassroots football in communities in the U.K. The series will be exciting, dramatic, uplifting and full of heart and courage – everything David had in his own playing days."

David shared his excitement for the upcoming series, saying "It is fantastic to be making Save Our Squad and to shine a light on the kind of grassroots football that I experienced growing up and which gave me so much at the start of my life in the game." He also said "I was so fortunate to have a long and successful playing career and now to have the opportunity to give back to these communities as a mentor is incredible."

The show will be co-produced by Twenty Twenty and Beckhams very own production company, Studio 99. Founded in 2019, Studio 99 focusses on developing documentaries and TV shows but also operates as a creative agency for brand partners. The name of the company pays homage to the year 1999, a momentous year in both Beckham's career and personal life.

So far a release date for 'Save Our Squad' has yet to be announced, although production has been rumoured to commence this summer after initial filming arrangements were postponed due to COVID.

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