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Dips & Lo-Wu: The Ultimate Combo

Dips & Lo-Wu are a powerful garage combo hailing from South London, who have been making waves in the UK scene for a quite a while now. Dips, the rapper, and Lo-Wu, the producer, make up the duo. Lo-Wu’s genre-fusion approach allows Dips to flow freely on the beat and make bangers with ease.

They made their debut with the smooth garage-inspired tune "Focus Riddim." Dips takes command of the soothing beat and spits hard against it; there was no room for error... Everything turned out great, and the Focus Riddim is a monster!

After acclimating to the scene and producing a slew of singles in 2019, including "Take Off" and "Teach You Something," it was evident that the duo was ready to reintroduce the 2-step funky/garage sound, as well as integrate it with other sounds for a bubbly fusion, thanks to Lo-Wu!

Fast forward to the present day, and Dips and Lo-Wu are still taking the scene by storm, with no plans to slow down anytime soon. They appear to be travelling in just one direction, which is certainly upwards!

This month, they'll release their debut mixtape, "Idle Hands." A mixtape inspired by both of their common experiences growing up in South London, and how they avoided being caught up in unpleasant situations while continuing to make music. The title "Idle Hands" comes from the duo's desire to "escape the devil's trap for idle hands," according to the pair. So I guess it really was time for them to get busy!

As we wait eagerly for the mixtape, we are most definitely excited to hear even more of Dips' smart wordplay, as well as what else Lo-wu has in store for us in terms of genre fusion and showering our ears with sounds we've never heard before!

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