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Everybody Hates The Reaction X CFM

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

CFM Presenter Dris, host of 'Everybody Hates Dris' has teamed up with us at CFM to bring you a brand new YouTube series entitled 'Everybody Hates The Reaction.'

'Everybody Hates The Reaction' is a unique YouTube series brought to you by CFM's very own Dris. The series consists of reaction videos where Dris sits down to listen and review brand new music for the very first time. Anticipate an unfiltered, honest opinion but also expect a bunch of laughs throughout.

We caught up with Dris earlier this week to ask him a few questions so you can hear a bit more about it from the man himself...

What is Everybody Hates The Reaction?

"As a Radio Host/DJ I receive so much music. Everybody Hates The Reaction is my YouTube series of videos in which I review new music on my very first listen. As critical as it sounds it’s fun, realistic (for a first listen) and is solely my own opinion. Contrary to popular belief, us radio DJs don't always get it right though, sometimes we don't clock straight away that a tune is a banger and it ends up being a hit!"

What to expect?

"Every video within this reaction series has my own personal opinion in various aspects of the songs reviewed, from the instrumentals to the lyrics and the video production. It’s always a bumpy ride."

Who would enjoy watching?

"This is for music lovers of all Urban genres. If you love new music then lets check it out together!"

Why should people watch the videos?

"I will be giving my personal opinion of the tracks based on a first ever listen so lets face it this could get controversial and who doesn't love a bit of drama."

When and where can I watch it?

"All videos can be watched on my YouTube channel 'Everybody Hates Dris.' Videos are uploaded every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. What can I say, I get a lot of music. Enjoy."

So there you have it, be sure to check out 'Everybody Hates The Reaction' on Youtube every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Whether you're a fan of rap or just a music fanatic who loves to hear new music, be sure to give it a watch. It's safe to say Dris and CFM have got you covered when it comes to staying on top of all the latest releases so be sure to get subscribing so you don't miss a thing!

You can also catch Dris live right here on CFM every Monday from 7-9PM for his show 'Everybody Hates Dris' where he'll be spinning "the hottest Hip-Hop joints."

Click here to see even more 'Everybody Hates The Reaction' videos!

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