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How To Spend Valentines Day In Lockdown: Ideas On How To Celebrate At Home

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

A complete list of ideas on how to celebrate Valentines Day 2021 at home

With Valentines day fast approaching we thought we'd construct a list of ideas on how to celebrate at home. It's no doubt that things are very different this year in terms of valentines celebrations but it doesn't mean that you have to ditch the idea of it completely due to lockdown, it simple means it's time to get creative.

For many people Valentines day is full of pressure and feels as though its all about proving to outsiders how much you love your significant others and for many singletons it can feel like a day dedicated to reminding you of your status as a single person. However, especially in times like this we could all do with taking the day to enjoy ourselves or to show you a loved one (whether it's a romantic partner or not,) how much we love them.

Whether you're single, living with a friend or partner or spending the day on zoom to your loved one there's something for everyone in our list of 8 different ideas on how to celebrate Valentines Day at home.

1. Get Dressed Up

It's no doubt many of us have spent the majority of lockdown in joggers and PJ's but why not use Valentines Day as an excuse to get dressed up. Don't get us wrong, lounging around in comfy clothes is great but if your looking for a way to make the day feel more special, try dressing up like you were going out on a date night. Take this opportunity to throw on that new outfit that's been sitting in your wardrobe because you haven't had the chance to wear it out yet!

2. Have A Drink!

It's safe to say a lot of us are missing boozy nights out at the moment so take this chance to crack open a bottle and have a good time. You could even make a fun activity out of it. Perhaps you want to try conjuring up your inner bartender and hosting your own cocktail making night, just head over to YouTube to watch tutorials on how to make your favourite drinks. And hey, if alcohol isn't your thing, you can still join in with the fun by making yourself a mocktail. Alternatively, why not try playing a few drinking games, a lot of which can be conducted over zoom or through various phone apps and if you're lucky enough to have your partner living with you why not spice things up and try at a few X rated drinking games.

3. Create A Home Spa

If there's ever been a time where we all need to indulge in some self-care, its now! Why not trying setting your own miniature spa at home. Light a few candles, pop on a face mask and run yourself a bubble bath. And for all the couples living together who want to turn up the romance you could go all out in terms of the spa experience and give each other a massage.

4. Order From Your Favourite Restaurant

Cooking not your idea of fun? Have the night off from the kitchen and order in your favourite food. If your usual Valentines Day would consist of going out for a meal, don't fret, you don't have to miss out completely. Just because we can't go out and dine in restaurants doesn't mean you have to miss out on your favourite dishes as loads of restaurants are offering takeaway or delivery options. Or for some added fun why not do the four course meal challenge.

What is the four course meal challenge I hear you ask? It's when you go to either pick up or deliver a drink, starter, main course and desert all from different restaurants and for a bit of added fun if you have a friend or partner with you, the idea is to play Rock Paper Scissors each time you're ready to order the next course and whoever wins, gets to pick the restaurant you get it from.

5. Go For A Scenic Walk

Research locations nearby that have nice views and go out for a scenic walk. Not only is it nice to go out and get some fresh air and do something peaceful, it can also be really romantic, especially if you're overlooking particularly stunning views on your walk. Plus, if you and your partner don't live together, provided you don't live too far from one another this is the one way you can get the chance to see your partner in the flesh, as long as its social distanced!

6. Have A Baking Competition

If you and a friend or partner love to cook then this ones for you. Why not host your own bake-off competition. Not only is this a fun activity but you also get to indulge in your baked creation at the end of it all. Decide what you're both gonna bake then after its done and decorated take pictures of your creations and share them with friends and ask them to vote for the star baker! If you fancy you can also decide beforehand on a reward for the winner - take that however you want.

7. Crank Up The Music

Whether it's upbeat tunes you can have a dance around your living room to or romantic slow jams to get you in the Valentines mood, crank up the music to help lift spirits. Here on CFM we've got your covered with the ultimate valentines playlist, streaming live from 11am-11pm bringing you exclusive show features all throughout Sunday to ensure you're entertained all day long.

8. Make A List Of Things You Want To Do Post-Lockdown

We may all be stuck at home at the moment but that doesn't mean we can't map out ideas for the future. Try creating a to-do styled list of things you want or are looking forward to doing when we're out of lockdown. You could even go the extra mile and make a mood board. Even though we can't do much right now it can be fun and exciting to map out things you want to do in the future, plus it gives you something to look forward to, which we all need at the moment to keep us going!

How will you be spending your Valentines Day? Did our list inspire you or give you any ideas on what to do in time for Sunday? Do you have something special planned that we haven't thought of?

As always we want to hear your say so don't hesitate to get in contact and let us know your thoughts. You can either send us a message via our social media which is @croydonfm on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or if you prefer you can drop us an email on

Happy Early Valentines Day Everyone!


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