Idris Elba attacked after suggesting a week of quarantine every year to remember Coronavirus

British actor slammed after voicing his belief that everyone should quarantine for a week annually to remember the global pandemic

In March, the star was diagnosed with the Coronavirus, shortly followed by his wife Sabrina testing positive. However, the pairs symptoms were mild and fortunately they are now fully recovered. The couple went on to express their gratitude regarding their health and the support they received in an interview with Associated Press. Sabrina commenting 'Thankfully, we were extremely lucky to be able to get very mild cases of COVID and the outpouring of support and all of the people who have reached out to us, it's just been overwhelming.' Idris also gave thanks for the support and said that the two were fortunate and that they 'have been staying in a lovely place that's been very comfortable for the time. But we're looking forward to going home.' 

Although, the part of the interview that seemed to provoke a big reaction from the public was Idris' comment about commemorating the pandemic, which reads "I think that the world should take a week of quarantine every year just to remember this time. Remember each other. I really do." Instantly, fans took to Twitter to express their outrage regarding the stars comment. Many shone a light on the fact he is privileged enough to be able to experience isolation in a large house without having to worry about expenses, and drew attention to the many families who are suffering as a result of the current circumstances. One person joked that if we were "all worth $25m plus it may be a consideration". Others sarcastically commented that perhaps we should relive world wars to 'remember' them in order to point out the absurdity of his statement.

However, not everyone was angry with his comment, some even agreed that the world would benefit from a week's quarantine every year.

A few others also suggested people were overacting and that they need to "chill" as there are more important things to worry about during this time.

Although the idea of isolating for a week every year seems like a terrible idea to many of us it seems Idris and his family are more than aware that others are suffering during this period and seemingly his comment was not intended to offend anyone. Both Idris and wife Sabrina being UN Goodwill ambassadors have teamed up with the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development, to support rural farmers trying to cope with the Coronavirus. 

The pair explicitly expressing their concern that those in need are being forgotten and that measures put in place to combat the virus aren't suitable for everyone, Elba commenting "If you imagine being in a village where no one even knows the name of your village or your population, and that you live in a slum where there is one room and six of you live in it, social distancing is almost laughable."

So what do we say, do we forgive Idris? Or is the thought of enduring lockdown for a week every year really just too much to handle?

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