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It Has Officially Been Confirmed That Filming Is Underway For Season 2 Of Top Boy

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Stars of the Netflix hit series Ashley Walters and Kano have officially confirmed that filming is underway for season 2 of Top Boy

Ashley Walters (who plays Dushane) and Kano (who plays Sully) took to social media to share the news earlier today, in a video that saw the two standing outside a trailer on set revealing that they are in the process of shooting for the second season of Top Boy.

The second series of the hit crime drama was announced at the start of this year however due to Coronavirus, alongside many other shows, production was postponed. They were said to start filming in the spring time but its only until now that the team were given the all clear to go ahead with filming. Nonetheless fans have expressed their excitement for the upcoming season and seem to be pleased that the cast and crew have finally been able to begin shooting.

Watch the full video by clicking here!

The series, written by Ronan Bennet debuted back in 2011 on Channel 4, followed by a second season in 2014. But, Channel 4 made the decision to drop the show from their books after the second season. However, to fans delight Drake swooped in to save the day, resulting in Netflix taking on the series for a reboot in 2017 - hence the reason the new season set to come out is labelled as season 2 of the show as opposed to season 4.

For those who have yet to watch the show or for the super fans who simply can't wait that long until the new season to come out to get their Top Boy fix, all episodes of Top Boy are now available to watch on Netflix, including the first two seasons that debuted on Channel 4.


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