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J Ramms - There's no stopping him

Hailing from South London, home to many greats, J Ramms has repeatedly demonstrated why he deserves to be recognised and to remain in the UK scene.

Though he’s not new to the scene, Ramms has had an exceptional year. With the release of his EP ‘Finding My Fire’ in May which contains his two well known hit singles ‘Chop n Drop’ and ‘Growth’ featuring Young Ess which got radio play from the great DJ Ellie Prohan from pioneering station Kiss FM.

Ramms continued to demonstrate his abilities by landing a well-deserved slot on Fumez The Engineer's Plugged In Up & Comers youtube series special. With over a million views and being second to deliver his bars, Ramms gave a brief but unforgettable performance.

Subsequently on that same day that the pugged in went live on youtube, he entered Headie One’s competition to feature on his very own Pound Signs remix, and won. Combining forces with a major figure in the UK drill scene like Headie One was a great achievement that has undoubtedly led to more possibilities to display his natural talent.

It is no doubt that Ramms most definitely has a lot more to show us, he has already confirmed in his latest Instagram post that he is looking forward to giving us a second project next year. He makes it abundantly clear that he has no intentions of stopping, he can only get bigger and better.

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