Lil Uzi Vert Releases Cover art and Tracklist for his upcoming album 'Eternal Atake'

Everything we know so far about the American rap star's second studio album that is scheduled to be released on March 13th.

Earlier this week Uzi took to twitter to share three different album covers for his highly anticipated upcoming album 'Eternal Atake', asking fans to vote for their favourite artwork. Each cover designed by a different artist and supposedly representing the three different personas he adopts in the album. The first cover 'Orenji' shows a hand holding a diamond and represents the more the more happy and pop side of the Philadelphia rapper. The second cover showing three women on the moon waving at a spaceship which represents the original 'Lil Uzi Vert'. The third showing a crowd of people surrounding him, holding up signs. This said to represent his latest persona 'Baby Pluto'. Uzi most likely posting the artwork in that particular order to chronologically imitate his different phases as an artist - Orenji being the first phase, Lil Uzi being the transitional phase and Baby Pluto being the phase he is about to dive into.

The vote ending with fans choosing the second album cover. However, Uzi then put out a statement saying that the third would later be used to display the tracklist.

Shortly after asking fans to vote on the cover art, Lil Uzi then released the full tracklist to the album accompanied by the third potential album cover as stated previously (See song titles below)

01 Baby Pluto 02 Lo Mein 03 Silly Watch 04 Pop 05 You Better Move 06 Homecoming 07 I’m Sorry 08 Celebration Station 09 Bigger Than Life 10 Chrome Hearts Tags 11 Bust Me 12 Prices 13 Urgency [ft. Syd] 14 Venetia 15 P2 (The End) 16 Futsal Shuffle 17 That Way

With the success of tracks 'That Way' and 'Futsal Shuffle' fans are eager to hear what else the album has in store when it is released on March 13th.

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