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Munya Chawawa Signs Deal With Netflix For A Brand New Show Entitled 'Netflix News'

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Comedian and Presenter Munya Chawawa has teamed up with Netflix to create a brand new show entitled 'Netflix News.'

The show is set to showcase all of Netflix's best new releases written and presented by Munya himself. The witty comedian is widely known for his comedy sketches that he shares on social media, some of his well known characters being Jamie Oliver's Caribbean cousin, Theresa May's Dance Tutor and News Anchor Barty Crease who will be the sole focus and "official correspondent" of 'Netflix News.'

Particularly throughout Lockdown Chawawa has seen a wealth of his sketches reach viral success across social media and for many they have provided a much needed dose of lighthearted fun and laughter amidst the pandemic. One of his most prosperous sketches being his news broadcasts, presented by alter-ego Barty Crease that see him poking fun at the political world and satirising the Government and mainstream media. Munya previously spoke about how he tries to "give a satirical take on the biggest global talking points" and his praiseworthy aspiration of shining a light on crucial topics and embedding important messages about society in a way that people can understand and process - "sometimes comedy is a language that unites all different kinds of people: it’s the language of laughter."

Earlier this year the social media star spoke about how “[his] dream would be to have a Netflix show” and it seems his dreams are already starting to become a reality.

You can watch the first episode of 'Netflix News' by clicking here!

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