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Rude Spice & Reuben J. Green Talk The Last 2 Years At Croydon FM

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Croydon FM members Rude Spice and Reuben J. Green are presented with the latest batch of CFM awards as they celebrate 2 years of service at the station. Similarly to when I caught up with Daddy Cranx 2 weeks ago (You can check that out by clicking HERE) I thought I would ask the pair to share some of their unique experiences from the past 2 years.

What made you join Croydon FM?

Rude Spice: "I’ve always wanted to be part of a radio station. I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw that Croydon Fm was looking for DJ’s and presenters. I thought it was a good idea for Croydon to finally have a radio station to bring the community together. I knew I had the DJ skills so thought why not send in my demo and see what happens. The rest is history. Got the whole of Croydon and London dancing and singing to Prosecco n Chill."

Reuben J. Green: "It was not so much a case of wanting to join, it was more a case of an unlikely meeting. A chance meeting with the man who created this platform and it is probably the most important/coincidental chance meeting of my life. Croydon is my home and to be on a station that is located right here is special. So many talented people are from here so its nice we can celebrate it on the station."

Has being on Croydon FM opened any doors for you or allowed you to connect with people you wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the station?

Rude Spice: "I’ve met a lot of new people which has built my confidence, Croydon FM has given me the opportunity to play at Boxpark Croydon and Mathews Yard. Being part of the Sunday female takeover has also been motivational as we all get along so well and have become a family."

Reuben J. Green: "Without question! My show started off as a small thing during University in 2016. We had a steady listenership but since once airing on Croydon FM the audience grew and grew which enabled us to bring artists onto the show for interviews - helping this community grow. I now work along side many artists, producers and labels and this is all thanks to Croydon FM."

How does it feel to be one of the first CFM presenters to receive a croydon fm award for reaching 2 years at the station?

Rude Spice: "It’s a great achievement to receive this award. I can’t believe that the time has gone past so quickly. It seems like it was only yesterday I was doing my pilot show where I was nervous and didn’t have the confidence to speak on the microphone. I really appreciate Mister C for guiding me and giving me the opportunity to shine."

Reuben J. Green: "Grateful! I didn’t keep track of how long I’ve been on the station in regards to years. I only kept track of the number of shows, a mere device to navigate the listener to a particular show. I’m grateful to be a part of the station! Happy that I am able to share my passion for music for such a long period with the listeners."

How has your show evolved over the last 2 years?

Rude Spice: "My show is always evolving, The emotions I’m feeling in each show is reflected in the music. I always give you the cool vibes for the first hour then tun up the vibes in the second hour bringing you that Caribbean carnival heat."

Reuben J. Green: "The Groove School Show is no longer just a radio show. I feel it is part of a community. An amalgamation of people who love the music we play and love the spirit of Croydon FM. Without being limited to just London. It has grown to an international show. Part of communities across the world and being here enabled the show to do so."

Whats your favourite thing about Croydon FM?

Rude Spice: "My favourite thing about Croydon FM...... there are multiple, first is no matter what mood I’m in before my show I always leave happy and motivated. There's something about walking through the studio door which makes me feel at home. Second is that Croydon FM is unique, no other station like us, always thinking of new ideas and including the community to make it better."

Reuben J. Green: "This has to be the feeling. Feeling as though you are part of something! Everyone here is warm, friendly and keen to keep growing. To be a part of that makes you feel very lucky."

Whats the biggest difference you’ve noticed about the station since joining two years ago?

Rude Spice: "Biggest thing is new DJ’s and presenters joining the station, we have grown so much. Being the first female DJ, I’m proud to see that Mister C and Phoebe are giving other female DJ’s the opportunity to have their own show on the station."

Reuben J. Green: "The station just keeps improving. The obvious things like the aesthetics; Website, Instagram etc! The less obvious things but the most important to me is the hard work of Clive & Phoebe! They started a project that is now part of Croydons community. Thats the biggest difference, Croydon FM is no longer a project - to me, its now a platform!"

 Congratulations Rude Spice and Reuben J. Green!

Catch Rude Spice every Sunday from 1-3pm for 'Prosecco and Chill' playing the best Old School RnB, Soul, Funk, New Jack Swing and Soca! Then on Mondays tune in to Reuben J. Green's 'The Groove School' from 5-7pm to immerse yourself in multiple scenes, from London Jazz to the tropical Baile Funk sounds of Brazil.

Reading this and thinking you would like to present your very own show on Croydon FM? Then get in contact! We are currently recruiting Presenters to fill our last remaining slots so if you think you have what it takes don't be shy to show us what you can do.


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