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Say Hello To The London Borough Of Croydon’s First Official Community-Led Radio Service

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

After almost two years as an Internet only radio station, it is with great pleasure to announce Croydon FM CIC has officially been awarded an FM Radio licence by U.K. communications regulator Ofcom. In a recent update, Ofcom declared "This will be the last round of community radio licensing on FM or AM for the foreseeable future."

The licence has been granted for a service designed to cover Croydon and the surrounding area. Our Management team would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Croydon FM family, our world-wide listeners, followers on social media and members across the community who have supported Croydon FM endlessly along the way - Stay tuned as the journey continues!

Croydon FM CIC was setup independently by Social Entrepreneur and Croydon resident Clive Campbell as a Community-led online Radio service offering listeners a range of daily shows consisting of music and discussions such as mental health, crime, life aspirations and personal development.

Live shows are conducted by voluntary members who are based in and around Croydon who also have creative control of their show, so long as they adhere to Ofcom regulations and to the objectives of Croydon FM CIC.


FM offers local people a first step into an industry that’s often hard to access.

In addition to live shows, Croydon FM continuously extend its training services in the effort to engage young people based in Croydon

through a series of Radio Production workshops known as The Youth Project.

Croydon FM's impact within the community earned 'Business In The Community' at the

We’re always on the look out for new local talent covering a range of roles including Writers, Producers, Presenters and Social Media Managers. If you would like information on becoming a Croydon FM CIC member please Get in touch today!

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Full Ofcom article can be found here

Croydon FM - Community Radio. Music for You™


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