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Sideman Quits Radio 1Xtra Over The BBC's Use Of The N-Word

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ Sideman quits his job at the broadcasting company after they defended their use of the N-word in a recent news report

David Whitely, famously known as Sideman, announced on social media earlier this week that effective immediately he would be leaving his job as a broadcaster for the BBC. In a video posted on his Instagram he said "This is an error in judgement where I can't just smile with you through the process and act like everything is okay." He also expressed how he feels them defending their use of the word feels like "a slap in the face" to the black community.

The news report in question was aired on Thursday and saw white social affairs correspondent Fiona Hall, use the racial slur in full when reporting on what is believed to be a racially induced hit-and-run attack in Bristol, on a young NHS worker. Consequently, the BBC are said to have had over 18,600 complaints over the use of the word yet they are continuing to defend their decision, stating that "the inclusion of the racial slur was made with the approval of the victim and his family, who wanted to show the severity of the attack."

Sideman's announcement however has received a wealth of positive reactions across social media as many celebrate his bravery to sacrifice his job to speak out on the issue. Fellow DJ Charlie Sloth was amongst the many celebs to commend him as he wrote "I admire and respect you David! Well done for standing up for what you believe is right! You're a king!! This world needs more people like you!"

A spokesperson for Radio 1Xtra has since commented saying that "Sideman is an incredibly talented DJ. Obviously we are disappointed that he has taken this decision. We absolutely wish him well for the future. The door is always open for future projects."

You can watch Sideman's full Instagram video explaining his decision by simply clicking here!


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