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SL Releases New Mixtape 'Different Dude'

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Croydon's very own SL has released a brand new mixtape entitled 'Different Dude'

South London Artist SL has finally released his latest mixtape 'Different Dude.' The Rapper shot to fame after his tracks 'Gentlemen' and 'Tropical' went viral back in 2017 whilst he was still doing his GCSE's. Since then he has proven himself in the industry, standing out amongst the crowd for his relatable style and unique flow.

The 19 year old grew up in Croydon and has never shied away from talking about it in his music. His last EP, released earlier this year was even titled 'Selhurst SE25' and his latest project also makes numerous references to his hometown.

'Different Dude' features 10 original tracks which all highlight the Rappers distinctive sound. The mixtape also features the likes of Ayo Britain, Unknown T and Nafe Smallz, who all add a positive extra layer to each track they appear on.

The lead single 'Felt Tips' is one my personal favourites off the mixtape and needs recognition not only for SL's performance on the track but for the work the engineer did in terms of mixing and mastering and creating such a crisp sound. Some people have also picked up that there seems to be some sort of Giggs influence shining through but SL has yet to confirm. The music video that accompanies the single is also worthy of praise for its originality and the well thought out narrative. It sees SL protesting in honour of the Black Lives Matter Movement, evading the police and wandering the corridors of his old school - Lanfranc Academy, where he recently visited to hand out free rucksacks and share words of wisdom with the pupils.

This ties in with the reputation SL has built outside of the music world as quite the activist, known for his charitable efforts regarding numerous issues. Earlier this year he set up a foundation and pledged £100,000 in light of the Black Lives Matter Movement to help empower young people across the UK. However, his efforts don't end there, last year he visited the Nigerian village where his Grandparents are from to donate money to charity and more recently helped give out free foods to school kids at one of Morley's South London branches. In the past he has commented that he is inspired by his own experiences as a teenage needing guidance and that he wants to give back to the community in any way that he can.

In light of the release of 'Different Dude' SL has also staged a 'QR code treasure hunt.' A series of posters have been put up across London, one of them being right opposite West Croydon Train Station where you can scan the unique QR code displayed on the sign to unlock a secret video message from SL himself.

You can listen to 'Different Dude' by clicking here!


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