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Love is the highest vibrational frequency, and it emits at 97.8.

Founded on raw passion and an insatiable love for music, the Croydon FM family have undoubtedly made their mark.

What started as a spark of creativity in 2018, Founder and Director Clive Campbell has materialised his passion for music and community into Croydon's very first official FM radio station.

Alongside Station Manager Phoebe Herschdorfer, whom Clive became acquainted with whilst undertaking a Music Business Degree, the pair have made conspicuous waves within the Radio Industry.

Croydon FM has its roots firmly planted in the local community, without your constant love and support, we wouldn't be able to blossom.

CFM has had an undeniable cultural impact in the local area, as well as creating a symbiotic relationship with locals that are interested in breaking into the world of media and entertainment.

Being an independent, not-for-profit organisation means we rely heavily on paid advertising, sponsorship, gifts, and donations to keep the station running smoothly.

(Image by Vectorstock,2023)

We appreciate your continued altruism more than words can express, your contributions enable us at Croydon FM CIC to do what we love; provide you lovely people with great content, music and positive energy.

To keep things running, we need the support of our community.

Support in the form of showing love on social media, sharing our content with friends and family, and donations of any amount are all appreciated more than words can express.

We can't do what we do without you all, your continued support no matter the form it takes doesn't go unnoticed. From all of us here at Croydon FM CIC, we thank you whole heartedly.

If you have the means to make a donation, please Click Here

Big Love Always.


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