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The 2020 Remix Of Maxwell D's Legendary Track 'Serious' Is Out Now!

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

The all-star 2020 remix of Maxwell D's legendary track 'Serious' featuring Capo Lee, Novelist, So Large, Bruza and Tempa T is out now.

Maxwell D released his original track 'Serious' back in 2010 and nearly two decades later he has come out with a remix entitled 'Serious 2020' which cleverly manages to marry the best of old and new school grime. Both the track itself and the music video which accompanies it taps into the nostalgic feel of the original single as well as managing to update it enough to reflect how grime has progressed over the past 20 years.

The music video for the track features a range of well-known images from the Grime scene including references to iconic album covers such as Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Boy In Da Corner' and Wiley’s ‘Playtimes Over.' The video alone being labelled "a celebration of Black British music heritage with a key focus on the early days of Grime."

'Serious 2020' not only marks the first release from the newly launched record label 'Motown Records UK' it's also the lead single from the soundtrack of the upcoming Grime movie 'Against All Odds.' Read more about the upcoming release of 'Against All Odds' right here on the Croydon FM blog - simply click here!

The initial reaction to the updated version of the classic track seems to be positive so far, one fan even joking "This remix has come to save 2020." Others pointing out how well-selected the features were, many praising Tempa T in particular for his verse on the remix.

Add 'Serious 2020' to your Spotify playlist by clicking here!

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