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The Sunday Sit Down - Lets Talk Consent!

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Join Anthony K Double and Phoebe Aurelia live on Croydon FM tonight from 9-11pm (GMT) for a special one off show all about consent.

Over the past decade the topic of consent has sparked a wealth of debate yet the general population still doesn't seem to have a clear-cut definition of what is considered to be consent and many remain both confused and misinformed. This means open conversation regarding the subject is needed more than ever and CFM presenters Anthony and Phoebe are here to do just that. The two will engage in a two hour discussion all about consent from both a moral and societal point of view and will tackle different anonymous scenarios and experiences that have been sent it, sharing their viewpoints on the matters and exchanging opinions and solutions.

The pair will also be joined by a variety of special guests including a Met Police DS for sexual offences who will be on standby throughout the show to consult regrading the legal standpoint of different issues that may arise.

Particularly in the last few months we have seen a surge in the amount of people coming out and bravely telling their stories about sexual abuse which has drawn the attention of the media and shone a light on how important it is we address the issue.

Whether you consider yourself to be clueless or highly educated in regards to consent we invite you to listen to the show in hopes of you learning something new or perhaps hearing a new stance or opinion towards the matter that may interest you. It truly is a topic that needs attention and to be addressed and we hope seasoned Croydon FM presenters Phoebe and Anthony are able to do just that.

The Sunday Sit Down - Lets Talk CONSENT!

Tonight 9-11pm (GMT) Live On Croydon FM


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