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The Top 15 Must-Read Children's Books to Celebrate Black History Month

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

A full list of children's books celebrating diversity, equality and Black history

A great way to help children gain an understanding of their own or their peers heritage is through picture books as they break down concepts that can sometimes be tough or complex to discuss in a simple and effective way. And delightedly, there is an increasing number of children's Authors attempting to educate and open up conversations about Race amongst children through their work in an enjoyable and appealing way.

We have constructed a list of books that do just that and should be read and enjoyed not only throughout Black history month but all year around...

1. The Day You Begin - Jacqueline Woodson

2. Young, Gifted and Black - Jamia Wilson

3. If You Were a Kid During the Civil Rights Movement - Gwendolyn Hooks

4. Coming To England - Floella Benjamin

5. Cool Cuts - Mechal Renee Roe

6. Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad - Ellen Levine

7. Have You Thanked an Inventor Today? - Patrice McLaurin

8. I am Rosa Parks - Brad Meltzer

9. Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History - Vashti Harrison

10. Little Legends: Exceptional Men in Black History - Vashti Harrison

11. Be a King: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream and You - Carole Boston Weatherford

12. Sofia the Dreamer and Her Magical Afro - Jessica Wilson

13. The oldest student: How Mary Walker Learned to Read - Rita L. Hubbard

14. Mae Among the Stars - Roda Ahmed

15. M Is for Melanin: A Celebration of the Black Child - Tiffany Rose

It is hugely important that Black children have the chance to see characters like themselves represented in a bright and uplifting light in kids literature/storybooks. However, it is also important that children who aren't Black see Black children portrayed in a positive way and are educated on people who look different or are from different backgrounds to themselves.

If you are a parent or guardian take this opportunity to educate your children about Black history and culture this Black history month and be sure to let us know if you've taken up any of our recommendations!

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