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The UK's First Ever Laptop Library Has Been Launched By Fekky's CC Foundation

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Fekky's CC Foundation has launched the UK's first ever laptop library to help support disadvantaged students.

The UK's first Laptop Library has launched in Lewisham, South London to help support unprivileged pupils who don't have access to laptops and internet outside of school.

The initiative was set up by Rapper Fekky's grassroots charity CC Foundation in collaboration with IT service provider Totality Services. The launch of the library comes after a recent survey revealed 84% of young people in Lewisham don't have access to a computer outside of school. It was also reported that over half didn't have access to internet connection either.

It's expected that the newly launched laptop library will help over 1000 children this year alone, with plans for nationwide expansion in the future. As part of the scheme students will be able to visit the library, based at the CC foundation's HQ, and take home a laptop and wifi dongle to borrow for a set period of time, ensuring they have access to the internet completely free of charge. The project will also fund a number of free IT training workshops.

Discussing the launch, Fekky stated "We believe that creating the Tech Suite with Totality will go a long way in challenging these issues, provide people with the opportunities to see and set high standards for themselves." He also shared his hopes for the scheme to counteract “a lack of motivation, low standards and creates a hunger for comfort at a low cost”.

Lewisham bred Rapper Fekky set up the CC Foundation just last year with the aim to "support young people in the UK." The grassroots organisation works closely with the local community to help "up-skill the next generation of youth, through mindfulness, long term wealth generation and empowerment in a large number of fields", recognising "the barriers present in low-income socio-economic areas" with a dedication to eradicate them.

Named after Fekky's two sons Capree and Cuben, CC Foundation have led a number of successful initiates since their launch, including a project coined #CCTurkey last Christmas.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic CC Foundation set out to "make things easier for those around [them] during the festive period", providing over 2,000 turkeys and vegan meal alternatives for families across the UK.

Despite the success of the project, which received pledges from the likes of Ed Sheeran, Raheem Sterling, Anthony Joshua and many more, this year they set out to do things bigger and better, aiming to provide a total of 10,000 turkeys or vegan alternatives "to ease the pressure for families at Christmas around the UK." However, this is just one of many examples of the other amazing work CC Foundation have done thus far.

Be sure to check out the CC Foundation website to find out more information about the incredible work the organisation is involved in.

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Words by Becky Birchall


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