Tory Lanez 'Quarantine Radio' Suspended By Instagram

Updated: Apr 9

Superstar Tory Lanez gets suspended from Instagram Live as his continuous thread of streams he labelled 'Quarantine Radio' was deemed too explicit by the social media outlet.

Lanez' live series has been a highlight for many during this isolation period, as the star has kept fans entertained with his witty personality and guest appearances. The live being known best for its twerk contests, celeb appearances and lively atmosphere. Celebrity appearances included fellow Canadian rapper Drake as well as other big names in the urban music scene such as Megan Thee Stallion and Chris Brown.

However, Tory took to Instagram earlier this week to tell fans that he had been revoked of his streaming privileges. The Rapper and Singer posted a screenshot of an app message that explained that he was blocked from live streams "based on previous use of this feature." He then went on to caption "THEY DIDN'T WANT TO SEE ME WIN."

In response to being blocked on his own instagram account he went on to create a whole new page dedicated solely to his Instagram Live series 'Quarantine Radio' which quickly gained over 100,000 followers. But, it wasn't long until that account was also revoked of its streaming privieldges. This resulted in Tory yet again heading to social media to show his frustration towards the matter, posting a video which showed him talking about how crazy the whole situation was as he feels it was unjust. Since then he has launched the hashtag #FreeTory in a bid to speed up the return of his live streams which are said to be banned until April 14th.

Although, Tory Lanez isn't the only musician heading to Instagram Live to host Twerk contests. UK rapper Swarmz has also been in the limelight for his popular thread of live streams that similarly to Tory, feature of a string of ladies joining Swarmz on the Instagram live to show off their dancing skills. Is Swarmz in danger of being blocked from live streaming too? We hope not.

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