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Ways To Brighten Up Your Social Media Feed

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

A complete list of Instagram accounts to follow promoting positivity, sharing advice and tips about self-care and mental well-being.

It's no surprise that social media can be a negative place a lot of the time and growing amounts of research is showing the huge impact it can have on our mental well-being if we aren't careful. That being said it can also be used in numerous positive ways and there is a wealth of useful information and helpful resources out there that are available to us at our fingertips, sometimes it's just about knowing where to find it and creating a balance that works for you.

If scrolling through social media is a daily habit of yours why not make the most out of it and add some wisdom and positivity to your timeline. We've constructed a list of our top 10 Instagram accounts to follow that offer helpful tips, advice and useful information about protecting your mental health and practicing self-care because lets face it, we could all do with a little more positivity on our feeds!

1. Millennial Therapist (Sara Kuburic) - @millenial.therapist

Ran by an existential therapist/coach named Sara, this account is full of useful lists and reminders that are helpful in gaining a better understanding of your emotions with a particular focus on understanding and building positive relationships, whether that be with others or yourself.

2. Sunday Morning View - @sundaymorningview

Sunday Morning View celebrates women and their bodies, promoting the idea that beauty comes in many different shapes and forms. The account protests against against the absurd and unachievable beauty standards that are entrenched in mainstream media and strives to uplift women by posting real and authentic content that acts as a reminder that not everything we see on social media is as it seems.

3. The Psychology Mum (Dr Emma Hepburn) - @thepsycologymum

Dr Emma Hepburn (AKA The Physchology Mum) shares psychological advice through her fun and colourful drawings that make processing complex information about mental health easy to understand and digest. Not only great for adults as it provides a simple approach to understanding your emotions that often seem complex and difficult, it's also a great resource for teaching children about their mental health due to the fun cartoon-like artwork that is often used.

4. HUMEN - @humenorg

HUMEN is dedicated to men's mental health, something that is often stigmatised within society. They aim to prevent men from "suffering in silence & dying too young." The account posts a range of motivational quotes and useful resources as well as frequently sharing the stories of a range of different men who have spoken out about their struggles with their mental health to emphasise that you are not alone.

5. DLC Anxiety - @dlcanxiety

Labelled the 'Worlds Largest Anxiety Support Community' this account acts as a central hub that reposts all the best tips, quotes and facts about anxiety. They also provide followers with a range of coping mechanisms and advice on how to manage stress and anxiety.

6. Self-Care Is For Everyone - @selfcareisforeveryone

Described as "a space that honours the importance of choosing self-care over self-harm." This account puts an emphasis on the importance of self-care for both men and women. Many self-care accounts tend to shift their focus towards women but this account in particular tries to keep their content gender neutral and highlights that self-care is something everyone should practice.

7. Lets Talk Mental Health - @letstalk.mentalhealth

An account ran by a bubbly mental health advocate named Clay which posts about all things to do with mental health. Expect posts all about self care, mindset and mindfulness as they aim to help people gain a better understanding of themselves and their feelings.

8. My Self-Love Supply - @myselflovesupply

A hugely popular account that is dedicated to Self-care. The account posts a range of self-love tips, suggests numerous different self-care routines for you to put into practice and provides overall inspiration for healthy living.

9. Healing Notes - @healing_notes

Their feed consists of a series of 'notes' that share key tips and signs to look out for in order to protect your mental well-being and gain a better understanding of the reasonings behind your emotions. Their posts also act as a great 'note to self' reminder to be kind to yourself!

10. The Depression Project - @realdepressionproject

The Depression Project strives to help people understand their depression and provide them with ways to get better as well as giving out information that will enable those who struggle to express their feelings to do exactly that so they can seek the correct help. It is an extremely popular account and for good reason as all their posts provide very useful and extensive information regarding depression and mental illness.

We hope we've managed to provide you with some new accounts to follow that will help to aid your well-being, especially when it comes to social media. Or perhaps we've inspired you to have a rethink about who you're following on Instagram and whether their content is making you happy, perhaps promoting a much needed social media clear out!

Were any of your favourite accounts on there? Do you follow someone that you think everyone else needs to know about? As always we'd love to hear your say so don't hesitate to get in contact and let us know your thoughts. Either email us at or follow us on our socials (@croydonfm on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and drop us a message.

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