Zeze Millz highly anticipated interview with Wiley

Updated: Mar 26

Zeze Millz sits down with Wiley to talk mental health, relationships and music in a brand new interview.

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Wiley seems to be the hot topic of conversation at the moment. This past year he has become a powerful force on social media, constantly being brought up in the media for his bold and sporadic tweets. He has also stormed into the headlines as a result of his beef with Stormzy. With artist such as Aitch calling him out recently, Aitch made comments that he wouldn't win in a clash against Stormzy and that no one cares about Grime and that Wiley only makes money from songs like Boasty.

In the interview Zeze specifically brought up his beef with Stormzy, questioning whether the pair would ever make up. Wiley responded by saying that Stormzy chose his own road by collaborating with the likes of Little Mix, stating that "every black boy chooses their road." However, Zeze questioned him further stating that a lot of his more successful songs are very pop influenced and questioned how he could get onto other people when he has done similar things to which he defended his music saying that none of his tracks, including Boasty were of a pop nature. Wiley then goes on to state that AJ Traceys career is now over due to the release of his track Ladbroke Grove. Is this the start of an emerging fallout between Wiley and AJ Tracey?

Wiley (Left), Stormzy (Right)

The two also discussed issues regarding mental health, Zeze bringing up that Wiley was perhaps struggling mentally, judging from his recent behaviour. Although, Wiley was quick to defend himself, stating that he is completely fine in mentally. However, typical of many Zeze Millz interviews the conversation soon turned heated and ended in a shouting match between the two as conversations regarding race and debate related to knowledge of different genres of music seemed to fire the two up.

Many fans have shared however that they believe Wiley comes across way better in long form content and that he should delete twitter and actually turn up to press events. Others also pointing out that they feel it takes him a while to get his point across but when he does it usually has significant meaning. The suggestion being that he should take a break from the socials as that is the thing dragging down his reputation. Despite many believing he presented himself well in the interview, equal amounts thought he came across overbearing and aggressive as well as some mentioning their suspicions that he may have been under the influence during the interview.

Wiley seems to be like marmite, you either love him or you hate him. Check out the full interview yourself and see what conclusion you come to.

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