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Croydon FM is a community-led online and FM radio service, offering listeners a range of daily shows consisting of music and discussions such as mental health, life aspirations and personal development. Our live shows are conducted by members who are based in and around Croydon who also have creative control of their show, so long as they adhere to Ofcom regulations and to the objectives of Croydon FM CIC.


Croydon FM offers local people a first step into an industry that’s often hard to access.


Our involvement in various events has enabled us to raise awareness of the services and activities offered in and around Croydon. Croydon FM's impact within the community earned us the award for 'Business In The Community' at the Mayor of Croydon Civic Awards. 


In addition to live Radio shows our service also includes a youth training programme open to 14 -17 year olds based in Croydon who are interested in learning and developing skills in Radio Production.


Synonymous for fostering a wealth of talent such as Community Leaders, Athletes, Artists, Comedians, Entrepreneurs and Musicians - it’s no secret Croydon is a hotbed full of creatives, so if you would like to get involved with Croydon FM get in touch today!

Please be advised visits to HQ are invite-only, appointments made by using the contact form


Company number: 11595394

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