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Over 30,000 People Have Already Signed A Petition To Make June 21st A Bank Holiday

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Following the PM's announcement earlier this week over 30,000 people have signed a petition to make Monday June 21st a Bank Holiday.

Earlier this week Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out a roadmap to ease COVID regulations which sees all legal restrictions on social contact to be lifted by the 21st of June, provided everything goes to plan. As a result of this it comes as no surprise that members of the public across the nation have already started making plans for what they're going to do come June 21st, expressing their excitement to hear that normal life could resume this Summer.

Following on from the PM's proposal, a petition has been set up requesting that Monday the 21st of June is a one off Bank Holiday. The statement on the petition reads "We'd like the government to create a one off Bank Holiday, to be known as Merriweather Day, on Monday June 21st 2021 as an opportunity for families and friends to come together."

In the description the petition also details the negative impact COVID-19 has had across the nation, writing "We've seen family celebrations at Eid, amongst others, cancelled and it looks likely Christmas will be the same. This proposed bank holiday would help families and friends of all faiths and none to come together to celebrate."

So far it seems the public are all for it, with the petition already receiving over 30,000 signatures since it was set up this week. As the petition has already passed the 10,000 mark it means the government are obliged to respond to the request, however, a target of 100,000 has been set and if the petition were to reach that goal, the request to make Monday the 21st of June a bank holiday would be considered for debate in Parliament.

Click here to sign the petition!

Unfortunately, there is still potential that all restrictions may not be eased on June 21st as Boris stated that in order for his proposed four step plan and the end date in June to go ahead certain criteria will need to be met. He claimed that that he "will not hesitate" to change and adapt current plans if the ever-changing COVID crisis progresses and requires him to do so.

Despite this, many are holding out hope that the end is in sight, confident that June 21st will see the end of COVID restrictions. With this idea in mind Festivals across the UK have been quick to announce that they would be making a return this summer. One of the first major UK festivals to step up and declare their return - Reading and Leeds Festival, who within just 2 days of confirming their return this Summer have completely sold out of tickets for Reading as well as their sister festival Leeds selling out of all weekend and Saturday day tickets.

Where Boris Johnson's plan has left people optimistic for the future, experts have expressed their concerns that his plan will leave many disappointed, criticising the PM for getting everyones hopes up despite not being certain he will be able to commit to the proposals he outlined in his latest public announcement.

If you missed the PM's announcement you can watch it back in full above.

As always we would love to hear your thoughts. Are you confident restrictions will be eased on June 21st? Will you be signing the petition?

Get in contact! Either send us an email at or drop us a message via our socials which is @croydonfm on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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