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A Catch Up With The Latest Croydon FM Members To Receive A CFM Award!

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

It's officially that time again where we catch up with the latest members of the Croydon FM team to receive a CFM award for 2 years of service and dedication. This time round we congratulate DJ Roundz, Anthony K Double and DJ Elite for their outstanding contributions to the station over the past 2 years and hear what they have to say about their experiences with Croydon FM so far.

What made you join Croydon FM?

Roundz: "I joined CFM because I recognised the opportunities it could provide for me in terms of perfecting my craft and improving my skills when it came to DJing and presenting."

Anthony: "I used to be a radio presenter at university then after I graduated I was on an internet station for a little bit followed by a pirate station after that. It had been a while and I missed being on air, I had a few opportunities at other stations but it was never really a good fit for various reasons. But then the opportunity to be a part of Croydon FM arose and it was perfect and despite it not be the biggest of radio stations at the time, the potential it had was clear to see."

Elite: "I joined Croydon FM to gain exposure, whilst at the same time giving back to the community in which I grew up. Also, I wanted step out of my comfort zone by becoming a radio presenter."

Has being on Croydon FM opened any doors or allowed you to connect with people you wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the station?

Roundz: "Yes, Croydon FM has broadened my client reach by far. Since joining Croydon FM I’ve had the chance to meet artists, I've been booked to play out at Youtube venues and I've had listeners book me for events."

Anthony: "Absolutely, I’ve gotten the chance to meet and interview people as a direct result of Management setting it up, but in addition being on the station is a good gateway to approaching people in the industry for music or interviews as the station has such a good reputation."

Elite: "Being on Croydon FM has given me exposure to up and coming artists which has lead to exciting opportunities such as interviewing the singer Ajia. In addition, Croydon FM has helped improve my personal profile which has lead to more bookings."

How does it feel to receive a Croydon FM award for reaching 2 years of service?

Roundz: "After the dedication and the effort of building on my presenter skills I feel accomplished with an award to show for it. Thank you CFM!"

Anthony: "To be honest it was a great feeling because as you get older accolades are few and far between as I’m not participating in as many competitive activities as I used to."

Elite: "This award represents to me both a professional and personal milestone as a DJ/presenter. I remember when I first started that I had no prior experience or knowledge of being a radio presenter. The 2 years has helped me develop those skills that I now posses."

How has your show evolved over the last 2 years?

Roundz: "My show has evolved in numerous ways over the last 2 years. The music I play has adapted and developed but I’ve also become more confident with how I present myself on air. The Afrowave Show started out with only Afrobeats and slowly developed into a split format of both U.K. Afro Swing and Afrobeats. There is also a variety of new music and genre fusions on the show now that were not included 2 years ago. Not to mention all the artist features, dubs, interviews (including one with Afro B) which all play a huge part in the show as well now "

Anthony: "In terms of Genre it has remained largely the same, however it is a lot more structured now and regular listeners know what to expect. Also, I have added a monthly talk show element which I co host with Phoebe to discuss important societal issues."

Elite: "I would say that the show has become more structured with my contemporary hour dedicated to introducing new and emerging talent within the RnB scene. I also like to provide background information to the artist and their music."

What’s your favourite thing about Croydon FM?

Roundz: "Croydon FM is a family. My favourite thing is in the heat of the moment when I’m playing a banger and management get involved, the energy, the vibes, the pull ups and the moves! No one can step on the dance like Mister C in his element! It makes it all worthwhile. And you can record the moment on the studio cams and use to promote your show, it’s genius."

Anthony: "I really love that the team seems like one big happy family and we all support and encourage each other in all our endeavours."

Elite: "My favourite thing about Croydon FM is the ‘family’ atmosphere, community within a community radio station."

What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed about the station since you joined two years ago?

Roundz: "The biggest difference for me is how the station has grown in terms of the number and variety of presenters. On top of that, all the developments at HQ such as the new equipment and software and the edition of the second studio. And finally the new website where everything is now so easily accessible and our growing presence across social media. Progress is easily recognised in CFM."

Anthony: "The biggest difference is seeing all the potential I saw in the beginning becoming a reality, like the FM license, studio equipment, paid advertising and so much more."

Elite: "In the two years since I’ve joined Croydon FM, the biggest difference for me has been the growth of the CFM family. When I joined back in 2018 there were only handful of DJs now there 42 DJs/presenters."

Congratulations to DJ Roundz, Anthony K Double and DJ Elite for receiving their CFM awards and a Happy New Year to all!

Afrobeats fanatics, be sure to catch DJ Roundz every Wednesday from 4-6pm for 'The Afrowave Show' where he'll be bringing you"fresh vibes and feel good African flavours."

Also be sure to check out Anthony K Double on Sunday's from 9-11pm for his show 'The Sunday Windown' if you fancy getting 'in your feelings' as he brings the best in new and old school R&B to put "the cherry on top of your Sunday." And finally, make sure to tune in to DJ Elite's show 'R&B Sessions' every Friday from 4-6pm again for the perfect blend of new and old school R&B, "whether its classic tracks from back in the day or something brand new" it's safe to say Elite has got you covered.

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