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Abra Cadabra Drops Debut Album 'Product Of My Environment'

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Abra Cadabra's long-awaited debut album 'Product Of My Environment' has officially been released

Abra Cadabra emerged onto the scene a few years ago as a young and ambitious 18 year old, with tracks such as 'Robbery' putting his name on the map. However, in the years that followed we hadn't seen much from the North London Rapper but in this past year in particular it seems he was determined to break back onto the scene and indisputably he has done just that.

Prior to the release of 'Product Of My Environment' he dropped a selection of tracks from the album including 'On Deck' and 'Spin This Coupe' both of which were instantly hits, making fans even more excited for the albums release. It's safe to say the album had a lot to live up to and so far it seems people are satisfied with the result.

The Rapper is known for being able to adopt a multitude of styles when it comes to his music, taking on both hardcore Drill and bouncy melodic performances. This is showcased explicitly in the album which features a mixture of romantic softer tunes which the ladies in particular are destined to go crazy for combined with energetic Drill tunes, truly displaying the extent of the stars versatility. The 14 track debut album also features an impressive lineup, including the likes of Krept & Konan, Dirtbike LB & Young Adz, Kush and Dappy.

The reaction to the project so far seems to be overwhelmingly positive, some even claiming that it's "one of the best albums to come from the UK this year" another commenting that "Abra Cadabra may have had the best comeback of 2020."

It's undeniable for many, 2020 has been a bogus year but for Abra Cadabra, at least it seems this year has brought him a wealth of success and seen him step into the spotlight once again.

You can listen to Abra Cadabra's debut album 'Product Of My Environment' by clicking here!


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