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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Hear more from the CFM Presenters who are incorporating ways to protect your mental health and well-being in their live shows throughout this lockdown.

CFM are helping you get through lockdown by tackling isolation and loneliness, keeping you informed entertained and connected! One way we are doing this is through our array of live shows, with Presenters Phoebe, Cheryl and Jean-Paul in particular taking on the task of researching and sharing important information with you all about how to protect your well-being. Each of them are coming up with different ways to ensure you're kept happy and healthy throughout this lockdown, sharing their best advice and resources throughout their shows.

Below you'll be able to hear more from the Presenters themselves as they let you know in more detail what they've got in store for you over the coming weeks...

Phoebe Aurelia, Host of 'The Lovely Natured Show', Sundays 11AM-1PM

"Over the next 6 weeks I’ll be using my show as a kind of lockdown survival guide, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks that have helped me through the previous lockdowns in the hope that they may help someone else. "

"Over the next few weeks I’ll be covering subjects such as Meditation, using Creativity to Combat Lockdown Blues and how to incorporate Self Care into your day. I’ll also be trying to keep my show as upbeat and positive as possible, it’s been a hard time for many people so I’m hoping my show will serve as a 2 hour escape every Sunday from 11am."

Cheryl Fergus-Ferrell, Host of 'Croydon Connects', Wednesdays 10AM-12PM

"I will be focusing on access to practical resources that people can contact to get help with things like foodbanks, mental health counselling. I'll also be talking about ways to cope with anxiety, loneliness and stress."

"On this week's show I spoke about a practical activity that people can do to establish the networks that they can reach out to for help. I'll be focusing on online events that can help people who want to interact with others in the local community while remaining safe etc. Examples online coffee mornings."

Jean-Paul, Host of 'Funky Central', Thursdays 11AM-1PM

"I am joining Phoebe and Cheryl chatting about wellness etc but this week it's been a gentle talk about getting to grips with a hobby. Something that you find really engaging that you can focus on to take you away from Screens, TV, laptops etc. Whether its reading a good book, arts n crafts or like me doing editing on short videos it's good if you an find peace and space in your home DOING instead of THINKING. Thats been my message this week. Next week I'll be talking more about family interactions in lockdown and how to keep the peace at home when you are all getting down and fed up!"

It's safe to say the team have got you covered when it comes to their live shows. However, we want to make sure you've always got a list of resources you can turn to if you're in need.

Below you will find a list of useful websites, recommended by Phoebe, Cheryl and Jean-Paul themselves:

And if you have any recommendations yourself, we'd love to hear them! Simply send a message over to and let us know.

You can also check out our previous blog post on useful helplines which you can contact if you're ever in need of support and assistance by clicking here!

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