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CFM Awards - J Fos and DJ MC Celebrate 2 Years At Croydon FM

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

J Fos and DJ MC are the latest Presenters to receive a CFM Award for 2 years of service and dedication at Croydon FM CIC. In honour of the pair celebrating 2 years at Croydon FM we caught up with them both to find out more about their experiences so far at the station.

What made you join Croydon FM?

J Fos: "Just moving to the area I decided I needed to get involved in the community some how and I saw an ad or something like that for Croydon FM and thought why not apply. My application process was a madness as I had no previous recordings to send nor done one before, so I recorded a quick mix and sent it to Management. They replied and said they need to hear my hosting skills aswell, so then I had to record my vocal over the mix (which was a madness to do at the time) but through perseverance I got it done anyway, And let’s just say the rest is history."

MC: "My good friend Amour of the ‘A Star Show’ told me about Croydon FM and the next day I was all over it like a car bonnet...Then The Musiquarium Show was born."

Has being on Croydon FM opened any doors or allowed you to connect with people you wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the station?

J Fos: "Being on the station has ignited my love for music again. I found that some times in life you can get caught up with dealing with all the responsibilities of life and forget to let your hair down (ok I haven’t got much hair on my head but you get my gist). Croydon FM has allowed me to showcase some local Artists I personally know and connect with local Artists that I wouldn’t of connected with otherwise."

MC: "100%, I have connected with so many Artists through being a Radio DJ on Croydon FM and as such this has allowed me to play new Music on my show. At the same time I have been contacted to play music on my show."

How does it feel to receive a Croydon FM Award for reaching 2 years of service?

J Fos: "Time flies and staying the course and receiving a CFM Award has a nice feeling. So big up the Management team for the idea of the award."

MC: "Amazing! It’s an honour and fills me with pride to be part of an award winning Radio Station. It has its pride of place next to my record collection."

How has your show evolved over the last 2 years?

J Fos: "Let me be real to myself here, I think I'm only in gear 1 or 2 at the moment, I have many ideas I want to incorporate on my show to provide more value to the listeners but have not yet for whatever reason but things are starting to line up now so God willing it shall manifest in due course. But on a positive, listening to my first set and what I'm doing now is miles apart so there are some positives to be happy with indeed."

MC: "My show is constantly evolving as I like to push the Music forward. Playing Soul, Funk and Rare Groove and Old skool Reggae as a weekly programme but also bringing along various special guests. Also dropping some classic Jungle, House, Garage, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Northern Soul, Motown.... Every week something a little deeper. For me I need to feel the connection with the listener every time."

What’s your favourite thing about Croydon FM?

J Fos: "Being part of a local community."

MC: "Being part of a Radio Station that is moving and evolving and pushing the bar higher and higher each day. I have played my first Summer Festival through Croydon FM and Played at Boxpark in Croydon. Knowing that we will be going FM! So reaching local people is amazing to be part of. Also to carry out my show in a professional studio setting. Being part of a real DJ Collective, part of the Saturday DJ Team. Big love to all the DJ’s on the station and Clive and Phoebe for keeping the whole thing rolling along. I just want to say a massive thank you to The Boss Clive in particular for always being 100% supportive, positive and helpful and professional. A man I can talk Music, life with and have a laugh at all times. Bless up my brother. If it wasn't for you we wouldn't have Croydon more power to you."

What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed about the station since you joined two years ago?

J Fos: "How its evolving and maintaining the standards. Also when we go live on the FM dial I think the levels will x10. So good times ahead."

MC: "New DJ’s coming through the door of the station, and the new studio equipment updates and the installing of Studio 2 at Studio HQ."

Congratulations to J Fos and DJ MC on their CFM awards!

You can catch 'The J Fos Show', hosted by J Fos, every Wednesday from 8-10pm to catch him playing "the best in Reggae, R&B, Bashment, and everything else in between." And you catch DJ MC on Saturday's from 4-6pm on his show 'Musiquarium' for "the best in Soul, Funk, Rare Groove and Reggae classics."


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