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Javan and Yung Filly Collaborate On A Brand New Single Entitled 'Again'

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Croydon artist Javan has teamed up with Yung Filly to deliver a brand new single entitled 'Again.'

The track produced by KatManDu has a gentle R&B/Soul feel to it and boasts a soft Guitar led instrumental which adds to the overall romantic feel of the tune. The pairs voices compliment each other perfectly throughout with Javan kicking off the track with his smooth vocals and Filly later coming in to deliver an impressive verse. The overarching concept behind the track being love and the rollercoaster ride that is romantic relationships, which is shown not only through the carefully thought out lyrics but also in the music video that accompanies the track where we see both Javan and Filly experience highs and lows with their partner.

The track was officially released on Wednesday and has already proven to be quite the hit, with it currently sitting at number 10 on the iTunes Charts for R&B/Soul. The reaction to the song so far has been overwhelmingly positive and many who who weren't familiar with Javan prior to this release have complimented his outstanding vocal ability and shared their excitement to hear more from the rising star. Javan, aged 18, who lives in Croydon has been trying to break onto the scene for the last couple of years now and has proven himself to not only be a talented singer but a skilled Rapper too. You can check out one of his latest singles 'Not The Same' by clicking here.

Javan in his video for 'Not The Same'
Javan in his video for 'Not The Same'

The story behind how the collaboration between Yung Filly and Javan came about is a charming one which began with Yung Filly answering a message from Javan, who at the time was merely a fan, that requested his feedback on the song. Captioning a video Filly posted on Instagram promoting their song 'Again' he wrote "Nice story behind this one, a fan emailed me asking for my opinion on his next release... I liked it so much and offered to do my verse free of charge, just love."

Chunks (Left) Yung Filly (Right)
Chunks (Left) Yung Filly (Right)

Fans have praised Filly for his generosity but have also shared their surprise to see Yung Filly on a track without his best friend and music partner Chunkz. Some even joked that Filly took what was said on his and Chunkz' hit Youtube series 'Does The Shoe Fit' a bit too seriously when one of the contestants previously joked that Filly should "forget Chunks." However, Chunkz has proven that there is no bad blood between him and Filly what so ever and has in fact shown his support for the single, commenting that the "song is incredible" and congratulating the pair on its success.

Overall, it's safe to say the song is a massive hit and is a must have on all your chilled playlists at the moment. Why not try lighting a candle, putting on a nice face mask and playing this tune for the perfect lockdown self-care night in.

'Again' is out now on all major digital platforms. Click here to add it to your playlist!


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