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Nothing but the truth: Berwyn - Tape 2/FOMALHAUT

A master of ones true emotion, Berwyn presents to us a compelling new project, his mixtape TAPE2/FOMALHAUT.

Before delving a bit deeper into the mixtape, let’s take a minute to dissect the actual name (I don’t want it to go over anyone’s head!) ’Fomalhaut’ is the brightest star in the constellation of Pisces Austrini - one of the brightest stars in the sky, just to be clear. It is also often referred to as the ‘Lonely’ or ‘Solitary’ one.

A consistent theme I’ve found whilst listening to the tape, is loneliness. Not just with this tape, but his previous - ‘Demotape/Vega’ - Berwyn takes us on an emotional rollercoaster, reflecting on his past traumas yet still allowing us to hear the glimmers of hope he has for his future.

With the two tapes merged together, you get this immense explosion of realness. When you listen to Berwyn, you just know you’re not getting cheated. Just as he said himself “Every single song is straight from the heart. No plastic”

With the soothing tones displayed through his music, Berwyn always puts his influences from soul and rap into play. He differs from many within the soul/rap genre, but has a sound quite like no other. Be prepared for a kind of out of body experience, where the world around you is moving - but you’re frozen with just your thoughts and his voice. Accompanied by his choice of melodic elements, everything comes together to create something beautiful.

Berwyn is in possession of a certain set of skills, musically. Ones that allow him to let listeners use the emotion beautifully portrayed by him, to create a new world. But not their own, a Berwyn world. A world through his eyes. He teleports us and it’s like we can almost feel what he feels. His talent and ability sends shivers down my spine, to say the least!

Watch Berwyn’s latest video for ‘Rubber Bands’ from Tape2/FOMALHAULT below:

Continue to catch up with Berwyn by following his social media channels below:

Twitter: @berwynberwyn_

Instagram: @berwynberwynberwyn

Youtube: BERWYN

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