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Return of the Man - CASHH

Cashh returns to the music scene even bigger and better, with Return of the Man. An upbeat summer time track, accompanied by a vibrant video that focuses solely on black culture.

The very evident sample and rearrangement of Mark Morrison's iconic tune Return of the Mack seems to suit in very well with the kind of vibe Cashh has produced. When sampling is done correctly, it produces incredible results!

The release of this song follows a series of posts made by Cashh, formerly known as Cashtastic, on his instagram - teasing his followers with snippets of the actual video. However, in his latest post he explains that not everything was pitch perfect behind the scenes in the making of the actual song.

Cash was deported back to his homeland of Jamaica in 2014 subsequent to several issues with the home office. He explains in this post that Return of the Man was actually made whilst he was still living in Jamaica - with his return to England, still unknown. He can be heard on the phone explaining to his friend, producer and songwriter Deanyboy, his exact plans for the release of the song. He says “This song is special because it’s as if I wrote this very moment into existence with the guidance of the most high, blind faith is a serious ting.” It just goes to show the amount of dedication and effort was actually put into this track.

We can't wait to see what Cash has in store for us next, though he keeps hinting to a new mixtape called "Return of the Immigrant" coming soon! Listen to Return of the Man below while we wait with bated breath!

Instagram: @thenameiscashh


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