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The latest CFM members to reach the two year milestone

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Last week Presenters DJ Trophie, Nammy Wams and SGT. Bilko all received CFM awards for 2 years of service and dedication to Croydon FM, which can only mean one thing ... its time for a catch up to hear all about their experiences from the past 2 years at the station!

What made you join Croydon FM?

Trophie: "I decided in early 2018 that I wanted to learn to mix and ‘maybe’ start DJ’ing. Music has been a part of my life from day dot and for me it was just time to do something about it. I was always that one at drink ups & family gatherings selecting the tunes so I guess it was just in me lol. I shared this with a friend who informed me that CFM was looking for Female presenters. I didn’t feel I was anywhere near ready for radio but I’m the kind of person who runs before they walk so I decided to just put myself out there and contact Clive who then asked me for a demo. I didn't really know much about creating a demo but I went out and bought a mic (I'd already had my little controller) and figured out how to record a 15 minute show which I then sent over to Clive and the rest is history!"

Nammy: "I’ve always liked live Radio and have lived in Croydon the majority of my life. So it was a no-brainer to apply. I also feel that Clive and Phoebe were the only people who wanted to take on a UK Drill show back in 2018 when the press surrounding it wasn’t exactly positive. So in a way, going Croydon FM was going to be the only way this show could work, and I’m very thankful to them for that."

Bilko: "I was asked by my Nephew (Clive) to be a part of the team and I wanted to support him and the Radio station, which Croydon, with its catchment area, has needed for a long time. Finally this was an opportunity to hone in my love for DJing in music."

Has being on Croydon FM opened any doors or allowed you to connect with people you wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the station?

Trophie: "Being on CFM has definitely opened doors for me. I got the opportunity to play at The Phase Club in Croydon twice after the managers heard my show and requested me to open for Crazy Cousins and Champion back in December 2019"

Nammy: "Most definitely, I’ve had artists send me music for Radio play and I’ve interviewed countless artists including Poundz, Dutchavelli, JoJo Hundred, Recky, A Miz (Silwood Nation) and Danny PressPlay on the show!"

Bilko: "Absolutely, I have been asked to play at pubs, friend’s parties, Wine bars and other events. It has also given me the confidence to approach club owners suchlike to promote myself as a DJ to do gigs."

How does it feel to receive a Croydon FM award for reaching 2 years of service?

Trophie: "Receiving an award for 2 years service is truly humbling. I honestly don’t feel it’s something I need to be awarded for because I’m doing something I absolutely love and enjoy. I get to play music I love, talk about everything and nothing and connect with the local, national and international community and I have CFM to thank for that."

Nammy: "It’s flown by so quickly so it feels weird that I’ve managed to commit to anything for two years and it not really feel like a burden. I’m happy with what we’ve accomplished so far, but want to keep on evolving the show so we can hit the ground running when we get on the FM."

Bilko: "It felt better than I thought it would haha. It gives you a sense of an achievement. It also reminds you of the challenges one has faced over that period when prepping for a show and of course, that time flies when you are enjoying yourself."

How has your show evolved over the last 2 years?

Trophie: "Omg well, how long have u got lol. I started with a show called Midweek Funk n Flare on a Wednesday where I played mostly Rare Groove, Funk and Soul but I’m a huge lover of House and really wanted to incorporate some house into my show too which led to me moving my slot to Tuesdays as it enabled me to do just that. Furthermore, it gave me the chance to showcase my mixing skills which I had previously just been practicing off air as I was too nervous to attempt it live. My confidence with speaking and interacting with the listeners has also grown and evolved over the last 2 years and my show has gradually become more than just playing good music (she says.) I began to reach out to some real UK legends for interviews and before I knew it I had the likes of Terri Walker, Tony Momrelle and the God father of UK Soul Omar in front of me! Oh and I’ve moved my show a third time to Sunday's, now under the new name of Rhythm & Soul.

Nammy: "I think when I started I just wanted to be a DJ that didn’t host and I didn’t really talk too much on the mic. I feel now I talk a fair bit more and get the audience involved. The music on the show has evolved as the Drill, Rap and Grime scenes evolve. I keep searching for new artists, whilst keeping the spotlight on some classics. I try to make the next show I do the best show I’ve done so far."

Bilko:"Through researching my tunes the show has evolved as it has allowed me to pass on new information I've discovered and share the knowledge I've gained with my listeners. It also allows me to grow in the knowledge of the artist, musicians and producers which leads to more and more tunes and the history behind some of the works that has been produced."

What’s your favourite thing about croydon fm?

Trophie: "My favourite thing, gosh everything! From Hanging out with RudeSpice before every show, The freedom to be my crazy ass self, play music I love of yesteryear to present day of all genres and the fact I get to show a little of my creative side. Oh and I love to sing a little on air and a hella lot off air lol. It truly is hands down the best part of my week! 2 hours of me entertaining the listeners by just being me!"

Nammy: "That they gave me the creative freedom to play the music I like, mix it and host it all live. I also really like the positioning of Croydon FM within the radio world. I feel that Croydon FM has substance over style in terms of the roster, with all the shows bring their own flavor with the focus of excellent live radio. There’s nothing that’s “fast fashion” when it comes to CFM."

Bilko: "The family spirit"

What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed about the station since you joined two years ago?

Trophie: "THE GROWTH, Wow! I think there’s just one or two slots left to fill! I remember Clive would share with us the slots available if we wanted to do extra shows for more exposure or just because we wanted to, thats now gone. It’s also great to see more Female presenters too, I just love tuning in to hear my fellow sisters coming through the speakers with their many topics and discussions. I flipping love it!! Lastly the mix (diversity) of the shows we have. There truly is something for everyone, I think we’re just waiting on the classical to slide on in and that’s it, Bobs your uncle Sally’s your aunt!"

Nammy: "I think the profile of Croydon FM has increased massively since I joined. I think this is because of all the great DJs and presenters that management have brought to the station, and as a result the audience has grown very consistently over the past two years which has led to the FM license being awarded. Anecdotally, when I joined CFM, I’d meet people they wouldn’t really know too much about the station, but now when I talk about it, a lot more people seem to know."

Bilko: "I love how it is growing with the diversity in DJs and the inclusions of different projects which the Radio station is spear heading. I must also add that I have watched my Nephew develop from a DJ with an idea, to a responsible CEO with a well-run Radio station."

Huge Congratulations To DJ Trophie, Nammy Wams & SGT. Bilko!

You can tune in to DJ Trophie every Sunday from 3-5pm for 'The Rhythm n Soul Show' where you can expect to hear the classics, from Soul, Funk and Rare Groove to House. Then following right on from Trophie, SGT. Bilko will keep you company from 5-7pm on Sundays for a rundown of pure Reggae music on his show 'The Revival Rundown.' And if you're wondering when you can listen to Nammy Wams, Tuesdays from 8-10pm is where you'll find him playing the best of UK Drill, Rap and Grime on 'The Nammy Wams Show.'

Listen live at keep it locked!

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